About the Architect, Allie Zebrowski

Contact: allie.zebrowski@gmail.com
Desired careers: Draftsperson, Intern Architect

Summary: Until 2011 I worked mostly for a U.S. Government contractor outside of the building industry. While in school I concentrated on hand-drafting and modeling.  The work experience detailed below is sorted according to industry, not chronology.

Excellent hand drafter
Computer platforms: AutoCAD, PowerCAD (Mac), Adobe CS - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Rhino and MS Office Suite, Access, Excel, PowerPoint.
Good modeling ability; familiarity with Laser Cutters and other fabrication techniques.
Superior communication ability, professional demeanor.
Proficient in Spanish


Master of Architecture. Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Blacksburg, VA. 2008. Earned distinction for highly complex hand drafting and discovered methods for drawing cycloid vaults using spirography.
Bachelor of the Arts, Sociology. The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL. 2002.


Larson Koenig Architects. Alexandria, VA.
Intern Architect, 2009 - 2010. Part-time.
Designed residential additions from the schematic phase to precise detailing in CAD.
· Produced CAD designs for new construction, prepared construction documents and wrote specifications - including structural member calculation and selection - using my own ideas and feedback from the lead project architects.
· Surveyed and prepared CAD drawings of existing buildings including their plumbing, electrical and structural systems to prepare for demolition and remodeling.
· Created models and renderings Using Photoshop, CAD, Rhino and Sketchup after the instructions of the project managers and my own vision.
· Inspected construction sites to ensure that building progressed according to plan.

Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies. Blacksburg, VA. Teaching Assistant. 2006 - 2008.
· Delivered lectures to a seminar of 150 students on topics in the history of architecture covering the Baroque through early Modern epochs.
· Conducted original research, gathered and prepared images and presented findings during the lectures mentioned above.
· Prepared the graphic formatting of a book for publication - Nietzsche's Denkraum, by Markus Breitschmidt, (publ. 2008, ISBN 978-3-033-01148-9)
· Graded student work and administered exams.


MEGA-TECH, Inc. McLean, VA and onsite at Government facilities.
Export Control Specialist, 2003 – May 2011.
Provided support for the U.S. Export License Review and Technology Control Process.
· Maintained database covering critical technologies and parties.
· On my own initiative created a Technical library, search engine and user interface in Microsoft Access to link government engineers to data necessary to their investigations
· Excellent overall performance - received “Results not Excuses Award”.

Psynapse Technologies, LLC. Washington, DC.
Intern. 2003
· Analyzed cases of intellectual property theft to prepare the foundation for a software program assessing a company’s risk of a security breach and identifying the traits of likely perpetrators and vulnerable scenarios.

United States Embassy Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Summer Employee. 2001
· Researched Argentine economy prior to the devaluation of the peso.
· Wrote diplomatic cables to the U.S. Department of State regarding economic and social conditions in Argentina.


Americorps*VISTA/Odyssey Sacramento, California.
VISTA Volunteer. 2002-2003.
Devoted one year of full-time service to fighting poverty by promoting mass transit at a non-governmental public advocacy organization.
· Independently administered and analyzed over 200 surveys and interviews, in Spanish and English, for a public transit support project that eliminated 12,000 car trips in 2002, and resulted in a Sunday Bus service for Monterey-Salinas Transit serving a disadvantaged community.
· Designed presentations on transportation funding and transit marketing.


Journal Newspapers, Inc. Alexandria, VA.

Intern, Sunday Journal. 2000.
· Authored and published feature articles on broad range of topics.
· Researched stories and conducted more than 50 interviews on various subjects related to feature articles.