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Wiccan Symbols

        Pentacle: The pentacle (pictured on the left) is often mistaken for a sign of Satanism, but that is untrue.  The symbol Satanists use is an inverted pentacle (a pentacle flipped upside-down).  The five points of the pentacle stand for the five elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit.
        Triquetra: The triquetra (pictured on the left) is a symbol of protection.  Sometimes it is used as a symbol for the three aspects of the Goddess (maiden, mother, and crone).  This symbol was used in the popular TV show, Charmed, as the symbol on the cover of the Book of Shadows.
        Triple Moon: The triple moon (pictured on the left) is used to represent to Goddess in her three forms; the maiden, the mother, and the crone.  The maiden is the innocent young girl, the mother is the strong, caring, grown-up woman, and the crone is the wise old sage.  The triple moon is the symbol most often used to represent the Goddess.
            The Horned God Symbol: The Horned God (whose symbol is pictured on the left) is the most commonly used symbol of the God.
                    Ankh: The Ankh (pictured on the left) is an ancient Egyptian symbol meaning "everlasting life."  Pharohs in ancient Egyptian artwork are often depicted holding an Ankh to symbolize their immortality.