Allie's Starsky and Hutch stories

Allie's Starsky and Hutch stories

Allie's Starsky and Hutch stories

Aren't they cute?

Hi!  I started this site to catalog my Starsky and Hutch fan fiction stories.   I write 'gen.'  I'm glad to hear from readers!  :)

My most recent long story: Hutch's Hands, by Allie (AU) http://archiveofourown.org/works/511265

Starsky, Hutch, and the Torino

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Newer stories
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Older stories
by category including short, mush, birthday-related, angst, etc

S&H AU (alternate universe) stories 
Re-imaginings of time and place for Starsky and Hutch.  My favorite thing to write!

I am more active on LJ lately because it's harder to update here.)  

My S&H stories as archived on A03  
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Some of my stuff is very "mushy."  I consider these stories all gen (or friendship), stories.  Your mileage might vary.  So...read at your own risk, I guess. :-)  
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Note: Some stories have rating, others don't.  I try to give warnings where needed.


Hutch in black!

Contact the author:: Please do!  I'd love to hear from you.  :)  My address is the.ny.125[AT]gmail.com.  Just replace [AT] with the @ symbol.

Disclaimer for all my S&H fan fiction stories: Starsky and Hutch aren't mine, and I make no money from these stories.  I don't intend to violate any copyrights.  This is just for fun. 

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