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Message from the President of the Allied States of America

My fellow Americans. It brings me great joy to have the bill of rights passed, and Rest assure we take your rights very seriously. As you note there are changes to the Bill of Rights, but they are minor, and will not affect day to day living. The forty-one delegate that passed this had your interests at heart. We Strive to make this a much stronger America, and will do anything and Everything in our power to do so. I believe our founding fathers would be proud of the accomplishment that we made yesterday. We are rewriting history, and we believe that we will continue to strive. The rest of the constitution is being finished as we speak. And there will be a vote in the days that come. I urge you to contact your delegates, and let them know how proud of them you are. They are working around the clock for your freedoms, and are doing a fine job. Change has come, and we are growing. As we grow, our economy is growing. Our dollar is as strong as it has ever been. Also, we feel that we need to get back to the gold standard. with that we will know without a doubt our dollar will always be strong. God Bless you and God Bless the Allied States of America.  


President Tomarchio

ASA President