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Late in the year 2000 was the beginning of the era of the map World War 2 v7.76. This period also saw the emergence of clan [ETF] as the first major World War clan on SC. The first months of 2001 saw the "golden age" of clan [ETF]


< Founding of original STC by Vexillum (brother of Zero) and DesertFox* (former [ETF]) -late 2000 - early 2001>


In the beginning, the dictatorship that splits many clans began to take its toll on the founding leaders of the New World Assassins: Synergy ([ETF]Political), Kain ([ETF]Alleria), NewWorld ([ETF]KingTiger), SnowWolf ([ETF]BreakYoSef), and Comrade ([ETT]Mek). Kain and NewWorld induced a breakaway of which would lead to a revolutionary new style of clan democracy, a multiple leader clan which avoids dictatorship at all costs.


Talks started with Synergy, one of the best leaders and players of the old clan. Soon SnowWolf became involved, and the clan started to look like it was going to have a bright future. Comrade was the final leader brought into discussion, and it looked as if the clan was born. [NWA] was originally known as [KAP]. It is unclear what exactly this name stood for as it was lost with the ages, but within a day Synergy decided to change the name to [NWA] and the other leaders agreed. Trouble brewed and it seemed the clan would fall apart before it began. But due to all five's strong will, the clan bond stayed, and on May 16, 2001 [NWA] was born.


Synergy, the leader behind the name, had originally planned for [NWA] to be meant as Newbies With Attitude. The other leaders felt a new meaning was needed, but they were unable to find the one that suited what they saw for the clans future.

When the channel was officially opened NewWorld, Synergy, and Comrade were all there. SnowWolf came later in the day. Kain essentially missed the founding because his presence online would not be until later that week.


The clan started with no ranks, and ran as such for a while. In those early days the clan based themselves off of WW2-7.76 and Civil War with pubs and recruited them into the clan. In early June (2001) Synergy told the other leaders that he'd be in absence for awhile and he went away to college. His triumphant return was long anticipated, but has never happend.


In about mid June a new WW2 clan popped up, Clan [WW2], which was founded by !Zero!. NWAs leaders, and Zero maintained good relations. Soon after, in late June (early July) the clans number of members began to dissapate, and in order to keep up with Clan [WW2]'s large number of members and big rank system, Comrade (with the approval from SnowWolf) implemented the four-rank system into the clan, and soon after the clans population began to increase.

Tensions grew in later weeks, and the two clans launched an all out war. In late July the war lost some of its fury as Clan [WW2] almost collapsed.


Around this time [NWA] also dabbled in forming a "Senate" to help the Leaders run the clan. A vote was help on a predetermined night in a private channel which led to some of the first Senators. These included: Dr.Die, Error, Eastwind, Wright, Jag, and possibly Eastwind. Two members up for vote into the senate, Tommy and Frozen, missed the official voting and were not inducted. This original Senate did not have any real power but would be the forerunner of the modern semi-democratic Cabinet which has been running the clan for years.

Things were mostly peaceful and [NWA] grew steadily for a while until around mid-August when conflicts began with Clan [ETF]. The relations between Clan [NWA] and [ETF] had always been rocky. At this time banned bracket names and [NWA] members from then on were forced to use "NWA-" instead of [NWA]. Soon after, the rank system was changed to profile ranks after a decrease in members in late September, but again would be changed back to tag ranks, consisting of three ranks this time (NWA, NWS, NWR), to which we use to this day.


 Increasing tensions between two of [NWA]'s leaders, Kain and KingTiger, would escalate in late 2001. Due to the in-fighting with KingTiger, Kain secretly formed a deal with Spitfire (the leader of [ETF] at the time) to merge [NWA] into [ETF], without letting KingTiger in the deal. On October 13, 2001 the ill-fated attempt failed, although Kain and a small group of members left for [ETF]. In the process, Kain gave away the password to the clan bot and the private leader message board to Clan [ETF]. Kain, betraying his clan, joined [ETF] as ETFB(bitch) and soon got full [ETF]. Clan [NWA] moved on but had to change channels to Clan N-W-A.


Around this time we see the emergence of the modern Cabinet (a new reworking of the former "Senate") to step up and take more of a governing role. The old system of bickering and powerplaying between the Leaders had destroyed itself, in the process setting up and giving way to a more democratic system, involving handpicked and voted upon members who would make decisions through private discussion and voting -- for larger issues. The original Cabinet included Wright, Jag, Proman55, Tommy, and Dr.Die.


At aproximately the same time a rebel clan had formed in [WW2], calling itself (WWE) and being led by former [WW2] co-leader ShockBaby. (WWE) would help cause the ultimate downfall of [WW2]. (WWE) was to be shortlived, attempting to go back and rebuild [WW2] from its ashes, it would fail and its members would go their separate ways. On November 25, 2001, Clan [WW2] officially collapsed.


After the loss of Kain as a clan leader and the falling off of Comrade from, the remaining leaders decided to promote [NWA]Dr.Die to Leader position. Dr.Die had been recruited as a pub by SnowWolf months earlier and had proven his skill and loyalty in the clan by the time of his promotion.




In early 2002 Tommy had disguised himself and infiltrated [NWA]'s arch-nemesis [ETF]. He had access to [ETF]'s private boards and eventually convinced [ETF]Slayer to give him the password to [ETF], the clans ops name. More specifically, Tommy had disguised himself as "eleefam5" on AIM, and had led Slayer to believe that he was actually [ETF]Millennium, [ETF]'s long absent leader. He then instructed Slayer to give the ops password to the [ETF] account to a fake yahoo account, that Slayer believed was [ETF]Spitfire's. Tommy then used the [ETF] account in a trade with one of the only trustworthy [ETF] members, [ETF]Superant, to get [NWA]'s ops back. After a brief exile in channel N-W-A, the clan returned to its home in channel [NWA]. Problems with the channel would soon develop as the pw re-disapeared and the clan moved once again, this time to channel Clan NWA. After another few months of exile, the pw to [NWA] would be found by Wright and the clan would once again move back to their right channel and the ops.


Summer of 2002 saw the return of [ETF]Millennium, one of the original [ETF] leaders. Millenniumm held a lot of influence in the "old guard" of [ETF] and was immediately given some power in the clan. A number of [ETF]'s disagreed with some of the new policies and a new rebel clan, [GM], was formed that would cripple [ETF] for months. [GM] was led by Kain, Slayer, and Fenix. After a few weeks Fenix would backstab and kill [GM] but [ETF] would never be the same and Mill went back into inactivity.


< June 2002: Founding of 001 by Aphex >


During these months the WW community was abrewing with new members and new talent. A new map had replaced v7.76 as the most popular world war map. A Europe map of WW2, that had been originally made in early 2001 by a pub named Bad-Aim was in constant rotation in the UMS community. Different versions, like the famous edition of [ETF]Lewstherin's originally named Allied Hope(created in February of 2001), and later Allied Final, would be played nonstop and become a pillar of WW community to come.


 In August of 2002, KingTiger began to assume a more dictatorial approach. He made many foolish decisions without the consent of the other leaders. After considering the issue many times three of the active Cabinet/leaders (Snowwolf, Tommy, and Dragon) decided that to keep KingTiger would be folly and detrimental to the progress of NWA. KT and a number of followers attempted a revolt, but it was quickly crushed when the members realized the senselessness of it and the [NWA] ops was returned by the faithful NWA-Phasod, who had misled KingTiger into giving him the [NWA] ops password after Kingtiger had taken it.


Another evolution of the Cabinet took place probably around this time and Col. Qaddafi, Fuzzybear, Plaz and Superman were added while some of the old Cabinet members like Proman, Wright and Jag began to become more inactive.


It was also around this time, late in 2002 that 3 small clans, [WaR] (Led by Darth, OzzDriver, Xile, and BiggCatt), a re-created [776] (which had been founded by Magic, but Pacayas* was leader at this time), and WW (led by Bandit?) merged to form BFM which was ultimately led by BiggCatt. BFM was pobably the first major World War clan to heavily play just AF. BFM attracted many talented players and revolutionized AF.


< December 2002: Clan 1939 founded by BBLeft, Thrilla, Frunds, & Harz > 


At aproximately the same time, probably in early 2003, NWA-Fenix left the clan to re-form ETF. This new ETF did well, gaining some new players as well as bringing back some old [ETF]'s. These new clans would heavily challenge [NWA]'s position in the WW community.


A Few months after Fenix and com. recreated ETF, the WW community witnessed the second revival of (WWE). Shockbaby was back on the scene and here formed the second (WWE). Zero and his right hand man Inferno left ETF to join Shock. Shockbaby had many fans and his comeback attracted lots of players from the WW1 clans of Fuhrer* and Bandit. [NWA] was in a decline at the time and the Leaders and Cabinet discussed a full merger into (WWE) that was only aborted last minute when objections from within the clan (esp. from Tommy) were considered. In reality, the second (WWE) was just a scheme of ETF's. Fenix was given the (WWE)Shockbaby account from Inferno and the plan was to attract all of Shockbaby's followers back and then merge them into ETF. (WWE) lasted 4 - 5 months before the merge became official and (WWE) was no more.


In this rough period of [NWA]'s history, the core of the clan was only strengthened and the clan was set to see its second anniversary and the opening of its new forums and website that May, of 2003.


BFM's weaknesses left BFM crippled in May of 2003, and after a number of months of flourishing, BFM collapsed. Former BFMers went their separate ways and many found new homes (some stayed longer than others) in [NWA] (including BiggCatt, Veterin, Mads, Ska, Xile, Pacayas, Suggyb, etc....), breathing new life back into the clan.


< Approximate founding of the shortlived SaS by Darth >


May also saw the formation of the [NWA] Officers. The Cabinet decided in order to get more input from regular loyal members they would create this new group who could privately discuss clan matters with the Cabinet. The Officers would also be used to train and prepare members in their step towards becoming members of the Cabinet. The original 5 Officers were Kain (who had re-joined a few months prior), Tieke, Raven, Turan (brother of Dragon), and Falcon (formerly SuggyB).


June of that year, 2003, would see the return of [ETF]Millennium, His return would break ETF in half, between [ETF] (of Mill) and ETF (of Fenix). Fenix attempted to hold his ground but he soon broke and all the power and what was left of the ETF name went back to Mill and his [ETF]. This power struggle would end in vain, for Mill's [ETF] would not last the next few months, poor administration would suffocate the clan and it has since dissapeared from the WW community altogether.


The first edition of the [NWA] "newspaper", the first news publication about and for the WW community was published by NWA-Falcon (SuggyB) on June 1, 2003. Falcon would produce 6 articles before he would take hiatus from SC about a year or so later.


In the same month, June of 2003, the western server's WW scene was brought to the attention of [NWA]. [NWA] had never really paid attention to the west server, and now clans such as 001, STC, and 1939 were beginning to show their strength and skill. This prompted what would be termed as the "[NWA] West Scare." At Turan's proposal, [NWA] decided to set up a channel on the west server and try to start a west branch of the clan. The west WW clan's saw this as an imperialistic move and a backlash by them forced the project to eventually fail after a few weeks. [NWA]'s relationship with the western clans would grow more positive as time went on, but the west branch of [NWA] ultimately failed.


Back in the east, Pacayas, a former BFMer, on his return to the eastern server that August, formed a new clan, clan WWV. WWV attracted a lot of talent and flourished to become the biggest WW clan on the east server for a while. Some familiar names included Madster*, Arganot*, St0nehead*, Bandit*, Titan*, Shaggy, Sid, Wiggum and Brandnew* among others. WWV brought more competition to [NWA] and the WW scene in the wake of the collapse of the big WW clans a few months earlier.


Late 2003 would see the third major evolution of the Cabinet, as some of the older Cabinet members like Col.Qaddafi became inactive. Fuzzybear had left the Cabinet and would leave SC but would come back every once and a while. In August Tieke was promoted to Cabinet and in November Turan was promoted. Later Raven would be added, completing the third major evolution of the Cabinet.


In September Fuhrer, the leader of clan WW, came to the leadership of [NWA] with a merger deal. The terms were that basically all WW members put on NWS tags. The merge failed due to the lack of backing in WW and [NWA] went on with its business.


The next few months saw a decline in the activity of the whole eastern WW community as the west flourished. The situation in [NWA] became critical as pretty much all the Cabinet became inactive. Luckily, some loyal members (Turan, Wildcat, Dogg13, Magic, and Tieke) stepped up and kept the clan alive through this demoralizing period.




WWV was falling apart in early 2004, and around Febuary Turan (who was promoted to Cabinet in November of 2003), Kain, Pacayas, Tas*, and Arganot decided to get together and make a new clan, clan KoF. Tas, Kain and Turan weren't happy with the low activity in [NWA] and following Kain's failed Cabinet promotion vote, the three left, looking for bigger things.


The story of KoF follows pretty much the same path as a lot of clans prior its founding. Turan wouldn't stay too long, soon returning to [NWA], but the clan would prosper for a few months. The system of leadership in KoF, while at one time there were as many as 8 leaders, was mostly concentrated into the power of Pacayas and Kain. Pacayas would eventually go on vacation and while he was M.I.A. Kain would step up and lead the clan. Kain would be highly criticized for his policies and approach to leading the clan.


In late June [2k4], a KoF rebellion clan, was formed by Madster, Xile and Arganot and took a portion of KoF's members, hurting KoF badly. [2k4] would not last and most of the rebels rejoined KoF, which had been kept alive by Kain, KT, and Musashi. KoF would not last though, its days would be numbered by October. The demise of KoF revealed the situation of the East server's condition in late 2004. The growth of the worldwar community on the Euro server, and the prospering of the already formidable West server began to take its toll on the East.


The last Cabinet evolution of 2004 would occur in September with the condition of the clan and server in mind. Most of the old Cabinet members had become inactive, including Dragon, Superman, and Plaz; Col. Qadaffi, SnowWolf and Tommy would be inactive for long periods at a time but would come back every now and then. In addition, Dr.Die would start getting on less and less at this point. This left a hole in the Cabinet and the clan developed into a slump. For their outstanding work in helping keep the clan alive during this period and their loyalty to the clan, Magic, Wildcat, and Dogg13 were each promoted from Officers to positions in the Cabinet.

In October [NWA] gained a bunch of members following KoF's collapse. Arganot, Titan and Justice all joined and added another edge to [NWA]'s roster. Pacayas would later rejoin also. The year would end in relative peace as the clan entered 2005.



* = (Although not mentioned) One time, past or present, [NWA] member.

< >= approximate founding date/period of major WW clan (although irrelevant to [NWA] history at the time)


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