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Event Organizers

As an event planner, I pledge to not to litter balloons by releasing them into the sky. If I use balloons as decoration at special events, I will make sure that they are disposed of correctly, and not released. If I distribute balloons at special events, I will use balloon sticks, and the balloons will not be filled with helium. I recognize that “what goes up, must come down” and that every single balloon that is released will return to Earth or the ocean as potentially harmful litter.

I also pledge to pick up litter (including balloons and their attachments) and dispose of littered items properly.

Further, I pledge to let others know that releasing balloons into the air is a form of littering. I will encourage other event planners to NOT release balloons.

I take this pledge to help our community be cleaner. And since balloons can travel great distances, I also take this pledge to help wild animals that I might never see.

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