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Spiritual and Reiki Healing

Spiritual and Reiki Healing

Master Healer
Colette Mitchell
Colette's passion to inspire and help people find happiness and peace in their lives has led her to a variety of healing modailites. She combines Reiki, crystals, intuitive counselling and meditation to lift the weight of worry from your shoulders.
With over 15 years experience as a professional healer and clairvoyant counsellor Colette can walk you through a personal healing meditation which allows the body to tap into its natural healing capabilites, relax and let go. You will remember the joy of living as negative belief patterns are removed.
With Spiritual healing an interplay of energies is established between the healer, the patient and upon the etheric levels. The healer acts as a channel for divine healing. The outcome is up to the universe and of course, you. With the laying on of hands one asks for intervention.
The healer must have purity of intention, selfless service for humanity, and channels the spiritual force through their own being and usually out through the hands into the patient.
With training as a Lifeline counsellor and many years as a healer, I can help with the emotional aspects related to healing. I can help you to see how you can release past and present blocks that may be hindering your healing. I can talk to your Guides and Angels and together we can address issues and guide you with hope and reassurance to a brighter future.

Reiki practitioners use sacred symbols to connect with the energy of light and love. They transmit the universal life energy.  Through Reiki you will experience the blessing of spiritual growth and change. It encourages the body to heal itself. It works on a cellular level allowing the body to heal at every level.  
Healing is for everyone, it is not religious, but a belief that we are all responsible for creating our own reality.
An inspiring and gifted teacher, Colette has appeared on television and is a guest speaker on healing. She runs workshops and development courses.
0412 727 036
Professional Member of:
ASHA: (Aust Spiritual Healers Assn)
APA: (Aust Psychic Assn)
IPS: (International Psychics Assn)
ASA: (Australian Spiritual Assn)

Do you feel stuck, burnt-out or unfulfillled?
Are there mornings when you wake up feeling heavy when you think about work/relationships or finances?
Would you love to re-connect with the feeling of vitality, well-being, radiance and rejuvenatioin? Are you willing to "live your love", listen and folllow your own heart's desires?
Pellowah is an angelic word meaning "radicial shift in consciousness". It is energy directed from divine source, opening the gateway to enlightenment. The by-product of this energy is healing transformation, activating your 12 strands of DNA and realigning the meridian flow around the body
Pellowah sessions assist upgrading the quotient of your light body promoting cellular repair and health.  Clients often notice an increased level of awareness and well-being, with a natural ability to "flow" through life with less attachment to outcomes and external dramas. Pellowah can also be an avenue to enhance inner strength and connection with your own innate wisdom and intuition.
"The ability to look and listen internally for the answers, instead of seeking external advice is one of the most profound gifts that Pellowah has given me." LH
"I would just like to say thank you so much! After my Pellowah session I feel so good! I feel more calm, clear and centred. The fear-based walls I created to prevent me moving forward have dissolved and I have dedicated more time to focussing on my business." CM

Yasmin Hamid
Well-being & Transpersonal Facilitator
Yasmin's focus is to empower her clients to live a life of heart-centred purpose, inspiration, creative expression, growth and expansion.
To kick-start a session, she will often pose to clients "What would you do if you weren't afraid"? Or "Are you ready to listen to what your body needs to heal itself?"
Yasmin feels that by addressing the underlying cause of the issue, as opposed to focusing on temporary and symptomatic relief is paramount. She highly values empowering her clients to follow what they feel is right for them. To have an awareness of when something no longer serves, such as a belief or habit and making a conscious decision, choosing to change the pattern.
Through her own experience with alternative modalities, Yasmin has had such incredible results in every aspect of her life, (especially her allergies), she felt a deep calling to be of service to others willing to be pro-active about making changes towards well-being.
This led to her obtaining a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy, Certificate IV in Kinesiology, Matrix Energetics and Pellowah Energetic Healing.
Her own transformation through her studies birthed the seeds of her new venture - Electro Somos, meaning, "we are sparks of the Divine". Creating a platform for those who feel ready and willing to change, to release what no longer serves and co-create the expression of the heart.
Yasmin's background has also been coloured with caring for primary school children. She has loved sharing her passion and alternative lifestyle measures with kids, and has observed how children feel a strong resonance and alignment with her practices.
She is currently immersed in Sound Healing and Red Tent, gathering skills to hold sacred circles for women and children.  Focusing on providing opportunities for each and every one of us, to connect with our essence, to activate our individual divine blueprint and live in a world of infinite possibility.