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Chiropractors are government registered primary health care practitioners
This is for you if you want to learn how to get on top of your back or neck pain!

Massage Services

Relaxation/Swedish Massage 
A gentle soothing massage, improving circulation and promoting relaxation. Especially good for stress related conditions and for the young and elderly. We love to pamper those who want a general relaxation massage to help with the stress and tension of their lives. Some people hold all their tension in their neck and shoulders and the release can be highly therapeutic. Computers and driving can both cause neck/shoulder tension or strain. Treat yourself!

Pregnancy Massage 
Pregnancy Massage is enormously beneficial and we love caring for mothers, helping them relax and with problems such as back pain, sciatica and leg cramps.

Aromatherapy Massages 
Aromatherapy Massage incorporates Swedish and remedial massage, lymphatic drainage, chakra balancing, acupressure scalp massage, as well as a lymphatic drainage mini facial (if desired). Aromatherapy offers all the health advantages of remedial massage, with the added therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils, which are absorbed directly through the skin. 

Very useful for stress related conditions, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome or any kind of inflammation, IBS, etc.

Reflexology is massage mainly on feet and legs to relieve stiff/tired/sore feet. Reflex points on feet is known to be a reflection of body so treatment promotes/balances systems and organs. However feet massage could be teamed up with arms/hands massage or head/scalp facial massage on request.

Remedial/Sports Massage 
This is deep tissue work designed to alleviate tension areas and knots, helping to relieve pain and assist in healing. Particularly helpful for sore neck and shoulders, headaches caused by tight neck muscles, arthritis, or general back pain. Often used in combination with some Swedish massage strokes. Sports massage is designed to invigorate muscles for intense work-out and to prevent lactic acid build-up. 

Keeps muscles and joints flexible. National teams know the benefit of massage to their athletes to prevent injury and after exercise. Over-tight muscles can be a major problem, and this is our speciality. We see athletes of all types:
  • Tennis champions
  • School swimmers
  • Runners and cyclists
  • Any sportsmen and women.
No matter what type of Massage service you're after, we here at All Health Clinic are the ones to call. Gift Vouchers also available.

Trigger Point & Lymphatic Drainage


Remedial and Sports Massage often involves working into trigger points. It involves direct sustained pressure on specific points in muscles, which can hep with headaches, sore neck and shoulders, and pain in general. Many experienced therapists do this instinctively; a sensitive therapist can feel where the tension needs to be released.


Lymphatic Drainage consists of very gentle rhythmic strokes used to move the lymphatic fluid just beneath the skin, thus improving detoxification and stimulating the immune system. A short treatment of lymphatic drainage to the legs, back and face is incorporated in our aromatherapy treatments.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Remedial and Sports Massage often involves working into trigger points. Using acupuncture needles to relax a tight muscle or active trigger point can be an effective alternative to follow up or as a treatment prior to a sports or remedial massage.
Please book in addition to before or after your massage.  Or if you would like to book separately these sessions can be booked in sessions from 20 minutes upwards

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) / Gua Sha

IASTM / aka Gua Sha

Similar to Remedial and Sports Massage IASTM / Gua Sha often involves working into trigger points or sore muscles. It involves direct pressure on specific points in muscles, tendons, ligaments, which can hep with headaches, sore back, neck and shoulders, and improving function. Many of our experienced therapists do this as part of their treatment, you can also ask for this as a separate focused treatment. Gua Sha appointments can be scheduled from 20 minute sessions upwards. 


For effective pain relief you could also try a combination of massage and Acupuncture, since one of our therapists is also qualified in this modality. This means that with some health funds you can claim for acupuncture and massage! Ring us to help you with your fund requirements.


We offer the following psychology services.

Assessment and treatment interventions for a range of clinical concerns, such as:
Anxiety (including panic attacks, chronic worrying, social and performance anxieties, obsessive thoughts & compulsions, post traumatic stress symptoms).
Mood difficulties (including depression , post-natal depression and Bipolar presentations)

Assessment, counselling and therapeutic interventions for a range of life stressors and challenges including:
Self-esteem building
Personal life meaning and existential challenges
Change and life-cycle adjustment difficulties 
Relationships difficulties
Bereavement and loss
Stress management
Relaxation training
Anger management
Coping skills
Pain management

Children, Adolescents and Families:
Depression (including adolescent depression and self-injurious behaviour)
Body image and disorganized eating patterns
Bullying and teasing
Managing Anger
Esteem building
Relationship building skills for parents
Managing misbehaviour techniques for parents


We offer a full hour massage, which means one hour ON THE TABLE. No skimping, hurrying, or losing the time spent getting undressed and dressed again! You are never hurried at the All Health Clinic. We always leave plenty of time between clients so neither the therapist nor the client need feel hurried.

A one hour massage costs $85, and most health funds rebate between $25 and $80 depending on your cover.

Gift Vouchers 

Treat your loved ones! the perfect present for Birthdays and Christmas. You can pay over the phone and we will post it out for you if you are in a rush! They cost $85.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment, just give us a call on 9440 1631!