KAUST - Fall semester

Organizers: Filip Hanzely, Aritra Dutta and Peter Richtarik.
KAUST, Building 1, room 2107 
Tuesdays, 12:00 - 13:30 (lunch provided)

 Date  Speaker              Paper
22.8.2017  Aritra Dutta      A Batch-Incremental Video Background Estimation Model using Weighted Low-Rank Approximation of Matrices (Dutta, Li and Richtárik - 7/2017)
 29.8.2017  Filip Hanzely  Relatively-Smooth Convex Optimization by First-Order Methods, and Applications (Lu, Freund and Nesterov - 10/2016)
 12.9.2017  Filip  Hanzely      Randomized methods for relative smooth optimization
 19.9.2017  Aritra Dutta  Self-Occlusion and Disocclusion in Causal Video Object Segmentation
 26.9.2017  Konstantin  Mishchenko An Asynchronous Distributed Prox-Grad Algorithm
 3.10.2017  Konstantin  Mishchenko  An Asynchronous Distributed Prox-Grad Algorithm
 10.10.2017 Alibek Sailanbayev Breaking Locality Accelerates Block Gauss-Seidel
 17.10.2017 Sebastian Stich  Approximate steepest coordinate descent
 24.10.2017  Viktor Lukáček  Dykstras algorithm with bregman projections: A convergence proof
 31.10.2017 Nikita Doykov    Regularized Newton Methods for Minimizing Functions with Hölder Continuous Hessians
Cubic regularization of Newton method and its global performance  
 7.11.2017  Konstantin Mischenko  Proximal-Proximal-Gradient Method
 14.11.2017 Nicolas Loizou  First-Order Adaptive Sample Size Methods to Reduce Complexity of Empirical Risk Minimization
 21.11.2017  Robert Gower SAGA is a variant of stochastic gradient: new view and new proof
 28.11.2017  Filip  Hanzely     " Relative-Continuity" for Non-Lipschitz Non-Smooth Convex Optimization using Stochastic (or Deterministic) Mirror Descent