A panoramic view of our historic cemetery

Good News!  In-person attendance has now resumed. Simultaneous Zoom and Facebook services are continuing.  Come join us!

Please join us virtually every Sunday morning at   9:30 a.m. using the following Live Streaming links:

Facebook "Live" link:                https://www.facebook.com/AllHallowsSnowHill/

Zoom link (interactive):   All Hallows Zoom Link here

Here is this Sunday's Bulletin for you to participate:


See you there!

Welcome to our church! 

We invite you to come and experience our worship and parish life. We welcome all people, no matter where they may be in their spiritual walk. 
As a celebrating church within the Episcopal Diocese of Easton, we share the Holy Eucharist as our primary and usual form of worship. Whether it's contemporary or traditional, the way we worship can be traced to the ancient church of the First Century as instituted by Our Lord, Jesus Christ. All baptized Christians are welcome at God's Table in All Hallows Church.

The parish dates from 1692 and the existing structure, built in 1756 with subsequent renovations, accommodates approximately 120 worshipers.  The church and the adjacent Parish House which houses a kitchen, space for Sunday School classes, and education and social events, is handicap accessible. 

Surrounding the church is a cemetery which includes a Memorial Garden for use as a columbarium and a lych-gate housing a Queen Anne bell.  Parking is readily available on the street.

Please come and worship with us.  You will be welcomed.

Deacon Andrew Cropper & The Community of All Hallows Episcopal Church 

All Hallows Collect

Almighty and ever-loving God, with whom all things are possible, grant us acceptance to include, vision to see, and wisdom to understand, 

that by our actions others will be encouraged to grow and participate with us in your love, 

through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you & the Holy Spirit, one God, forever & ever.