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Handbag Cookie Jars

handbag cookie jars
    cookie jars
  • A jar to hold cookies
  • (cookie jar) a jar in which cookies are kept (and sometimes money is hidden)
  • (Cookie jar) Cookie jars are utilitarian or ceramic or glass jars often found in American and Canadian kitchens. In the United Kingdom, they are known as biscuit jars or biscuit tins.
  • (Cookie Jar) The Cookie Jar Group (also known as The Cookie Jar Company and Cookie Jar Entertainment) (formerly Cinar) is a Canadian producer of children’s entertainment, consumer products and educational materials.
  • A woman's purse
  • bag: a container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women); "she reached into her bag and found a comb"
  • A handbag or purse in American English, is a medium to large bag, that is often fashionably designed, typically used by women, and used to hold personal items such as wallet/coins, keys, gloves, cosmetics, a hairbrush, cellular device or personal digital assistant, feminine hygiene products, etc.
  • A small bag used by women (or sometimes by men) for carrying various small personal items; (transitive, humorous) Figuratively, to hit with a handbag; to attack verbally or subject to criticism (used originally of Margaret Thatcher)

Cookie Jar
Cookie Jar
This was the cookie jar of my childhood, the cookie jar I grew up with. It's still sitting in my parents' kitchen, although they have moved several times since I was a child. I believe I was told they received it for a wedding present, so it's at least 47-years old. Just last year I noticed -- for the first time -- that the cookie jar looks suspiciously like an egg or like Humpty Dumpty. I have no idea what eggs have to do with cookies, except as an ingredient. It's a great cookie jar!
Polka-dotted pink Parisienne poodle purse cookie jar... say what???
Polka-dotted pink Parisienne poodle purse cookie jar... say what???
This one HAD to come live with me cuz it's just not EVERY DAY you see THIS combination, complete with a silk tassel! Tee hee! Tres chic!... so frou-fou too-too...

handbag cookie jars
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