Myth Busters 

Parisian Life Style or Global Warming?

An Allez Verte Production 

The Film

The Crew 

The Making Of

    While on Study Abroad in Paris, France we noticed some distinct differences between the United States and Paris especially concerning the environment. Some simple things that we noticed were the metro system, the recycling program, and a newly implemented biking system.  We started to wonder if the Parisian culture was more resourceful as the result of Global Warming or if it was simply a life style choice.  We decided to make a documentary examining the myths that we observed in Paris.

Photograph:The Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Bust or Confirm?

People use the new bike system, Velib, to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

People use the metro system to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

That many people participate in the recycling system as a conscious effort to better the environment and help with global warming.