How To Clean Swimming Pool Tile. Disk Clean Up Tool.

How To Clean Swimming Pool Tile

how to clean swimming pool tile
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how to clean swimming pool tile - Pentair Kreepy
Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool Cleaner
Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool Cleaner
The Kreepy Krauly is simply the best pool cleaning system in the world. Proven in over 2,000,000 pools worldwide, the new Kreepy Krauly provides the true random coverage eliminating missed spots. Its turbo-action swivel design and automatic regulator valve deliver optimum water flow for maximum cleaning power. It's engineered for optimum cleaning performance from the water line all the way down to the bottom of the pool. It works without a booster pump, attaches without tools to your pool skimmer or vacuum line fitting-more economical to purchase and operate than pressure-side cleaners. The automatic valve regulates water flow to the ideal travel speed, for a more thorough clean. Its original "one moving part" design ensures years of dependable service-no wheels or gears to replace. It includes a 2-Year Warranty.

75% (13)
110/365 Fine ~ I'll play
110/365 Fine ~ I'll play
I got tagged! I really dislike being in front of the camera as I think most photographers do but here it is. Being lazy I totally cut this list from another similar but longer list I did but removed some of them (could not pick 5 more to remove..see #15). If you get tagged feel free to skip it or play along and list just the 10 things...or more if you feel like sharing like I apparently have done :) 15 Random things about me 1. My art/photography has hung in the Dallas Museum of Art. 2. I am grossed out when people use the same sponge they clean their dirty dishes with to wipe down their countertops..eeewwww!!!!! 3. I'm secretly happy I have boys instead of girls. I grew up w/ 2 brothers..I know how to handle this! 4. I'm pretty frugal on most stuff but I understand the benefit of spending money on good quality shoes! 5. Used to think a shark would come out from behind that big grate thing in the deep end of the wave pool. hey I had older brothers! 6. Could spend hours/days in 'the wild' taking pictures of rocks, tree roots, moss and weird stuff. Wished I lived somewhere that had more wildlife around instead of the burbs. 7. For years when I was younger I could never 'use the facilities' in a bathroom that has a shower without 1st making sure no one was hiding in the shower...even in my own house. Must have seen Psycho or something. 8. I love roller coasters. 9. I have a fear of drowning. I saw some horror movie when I was real young with an indoor swimming pool and the lady was swimming back up and there was suddenly glass covering the surface and she could not get out :O I have no idea what movie it was. But yet I still love to swim! 10. Loves scary movies like the Grudge or Blair Witch (spooky types) but hate gore like Saw. That's some f'd up stuff somebody could actually do to someone else! 11. The smell of tuna makes me gag. 12. Really don't care for cats at all. I think it's nasty to store a box a poop in my house. I have met a couple of cool cats though. 13. I LOVE Johnny Depp! Mmmm.........ok..sorry..I'm back. 14. Both times when I had my babies I had a fear of walking on tile while holding them. Sleep deprivation messes with your head! 15. I'm terribly indecisive about the smallest things that don;t really matter. It will take me 2-3 weeks to decide on a paint color and that's if I'm rushing! I labor over the decision about which shade is the RIGHT one. It's paint....if you don;t like it - paint over it!
Swimming Pool Entrance
Swimming Pool Entrance
Seapoint Swimming pool entrance & Pavilion. Taken with 10 - 20 mm lense .Thanks to Garlyn for use of her wide angle lense.

how to clean swimming pool tile
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