Cleaning this here gun. Northside gutter cleaning. Clean construction dust

Cleaning This Here Gun

cleaning this here gun
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Okay, let me throw out a disclaimer. I am NOT a gun nut. A few years ago I was much more fond of guns than today, but mainly because some friends and I used to go shooting quite often. I grew up around guns but never had the desire to own one. Well not until the day I walked into my old house and there were people inside burglarizing me. I went out and bought my first gun the next day and enjoyed shooting it so much that my collection slowly grew. The above picture is just the guns I have in TN. I have another rifle and a few revolvers still at my old place in Georgia. Since I have more free time on my hands of late, I was cleaning these and decided to take a photo. At the upper left is my Ruger .45 cal. A Smith and Wesson .22 in the upper right. The rifle in the middle is an M-16/M-4 and on the bottom is an AK-47. I used to have more than this. A friend came over yesterday and she was very surprised I had so many guns, but in a good way. We will probably go to a range if I can find one around here. Btw, the rug is a prayer rug I bought in Kuwait many years ago.
Sarah AR
Sarah AR
Alright, this is the first of 4 rifles of the Sarah Series. All Sarah weapons will fire the 7.62x51 round, in Semi auto and full auto, at 675 rounds per minute. Of course, she is fully ambidextrous. What you see here is the assault rifle version, with attached custom grenade launcher. Remember, still three more to come. When they are all finished, I'm going to put them all together, and let you guys decide which one you like best. Please view all sizes, lots of nice details. (IE charging handle, grip texture, fire selector) Oh, and I had to screencap, because the code is 1,23MB and PMG wouldn't save the damn JPG. EDIT: Almost forgot; Thanks again, xLunaticx, for your lovely pistol grip and trigger guard! Feel free to comment. Amy

cleaning this here gun
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