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Japan Cooking Equipment

japan cooking equipment
    cooking equipment
  • (2. Cooking equipments) I thought of adding the cooking equipments into the list of essential kitchen supplies because I am damn sure that no kitchen can survive without these tools.
  • coat with a lacquer, as done in Japan
  • a string of more than 3,000 islands to the east of Asia extending 1,300 miles between the Sea of Japan and the western Pacific Ocean
  • Cover (something) with a hard black varnish
  • a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building

Bento Equipment
Bento Equipment
Our current Bento equipment collection. The bento boxes were purchased on Ebay, most of the equipment was bought from the Japan Centre website here in the UK and the small cookie cutters were bought at my small local hardware, Pexton's, here in York.
Fake Plastic Food
Fake Plastic Food
We found the restaurant supplies section of town, with stores full of plates, cutlery, cooking equipment, and of course, the plastic version of every kind of dish you can think off, including plastic pints of beer...

japan cooking equipment
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