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Allen Johnson has been called a modern Renaissance man.  Yes, he is a popular author, but that's just the beginning.  He is also a Ph.D.
psychologist, keynote speaker, leadership consultant,cyclist, painter, actor, jazz pianist and vocalist, photographer, and videographer.  Whew. 
Allen has a voracious appetite for life.  He has cavorted with giant turtles in the Caribbean, climbed the glacier peaks of the Pacific Northwest, and flown a single-prop plane across the country.  He is fluent in French and calls a small village in the south of France his second home.  That lust for life is always present in his writing: His characters are multidimensional and brimming with ambition and desire.

What is Allen's new novel, The Awakening, all about?

Imagine a place where the instinct for revenge is tempered by a surprising spirit of forgiveness, where pettiness is answered with tolerance, and suspicion is met with grace:  Imagine a place where love cannot exist without mercy. 


It could be that sanctuary exists in a sun-scorched village among the rolling hills of Andalusia, Spain.  Take a walk with the endearing patriarch of that village, Diego Garcia.  Step into his extraordinary life:  his childhood revelry, dancing barefoot among the endless rows of olive trees; his passion for a courageous Moroccan beauty; his struggle with tyranny in the horrific war-torn streets of Granada, 1936. 
Follow, too, the life of his granddaughter, Lupita, the feisty and exquisitely lovely physician whose competence is surpassed only by her compassion. 


Then discover how these simple and noble people enter and influence the life of a stranger at the threshold of death, a man whose suppressed past is so scared by malice and deceit that he dare not be awakened. 


Witness, first hand, the power of love.
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