The museum in Rome is one of the projects that Hadid is the most proud of and excited about  (Charlie Rose Interview).  It is yet another design for which she won first place, but unlike the Peak and others, this one was built.  The paintings Hadid did while designing this structure give us a lot of insight into what she was experimenting with.  The interwoven layers that we are ale to see through are another way in which Hadid has created innovative structure, with great functionality.  The layers are transparent so that exhibits can be seen from all sides, all angles within the building (A Day With Zaha Hadid, Flim).  Displays are on display to the extreme.  The way the building extends into disappearing brushstrokes leaves us curious as to where the building ends and begins, another way in which Hadid is controlling and manipulating our understanding of space.  We are unable to decipher what space is museum space and what space is public space.  The extension and transparency of the building, once again, bring the outside public space into the structure and share the insides of the structure with the outside world.  The structure is, in essence, gutted for functionality and access for all to experience.
Images are from Design Museum, University of Southern California, and Zaha Hadid Architects. MAXXI National Centre of Contemporary Arts by Zaha Hadid, 1997-2006