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Allen Furniture Commercial

allen furniture commercial
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allen furniture commercial - Atelier van
Atelier van Lieshout
Atelier van Lieshout
When Joep van Lieshout (b. 1963) founded the art and architecture studio that bears his name, he set in motion what has been described as "a new Dutch architectural style dirty, delicious and direct." Now Atelier Van Lieshout is 10, and the first major monograph devoted to it, A Manual (1997), has been sold out for years. This new overview brings readers into AVL's contrarian applied art via luxuriously appointed "mobile homes," autonomous communes and surreal art projects, with equal time given to AVL-Ville (2001), a "free state" in Rotterdam's port, complete with its own flag, its own constitution and its own currency, and the revealing minutia of AVL's portfolio, from furniture to the "Bar Rectum," a perverse take on the Oscar-Meyer Weiner Mobile. The idea of art that can be used for a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle hits a uniquely high point in AVL-Ville, a culmination of all the work AVL has done before. And it lives on: After a successful and tumultuous year of work, AVL has recently located its first AVL-Ville export product in Park Middelheim in Antwerp: the AVL Franchise Unit. This richly illustrated survey tracks AVL's serious and often provocative portfolio through a crucial period in its growth and development.

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Mark W. Allen House
Mark W. Allen House
West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York City, New York, United States This Craftsman style bungalow, constructed in West New Brighton on Staten Island in 1920-21 is unusually well designed and maintains a high degree of original fabric and setting. This house was constructed as a part of a residential section developed in the 1920s by the Competent Home Building Company. The principals of this development and construction company included August H. Ludwig and Mark W. Allen, for whom this house was built. Two streets nearby are named for these men, testifying to their role in the development of the neighborhood. Mark Allen came to Staten Island as a carpenter and became an owner of a large building supply and construction company. He served in the New York State Senate in 1923-24 and was instrumental in bringing the Goethals Bridge and the Outerbridge Crossing to fruition, both important links between Staten Island and New Jersey. He ran unsuccessfully for Borough President of Staten Island in 1929, and continued to be active in community organizations for the rest of his life. Allen lived in this house with his family until he died in 1958. The Craftsman style of architecture was America’s response to the British Arts and Crafts movement. It was promoted by The Craftsman Magazine and other magazines and home catalogues of the period. These buildings were solidly constructed without extraneous ornamental details, but with open and convenient interior plans. They were designed to fit in to their physical environment, allowing easy access to the outdoors. Although Craftsman style bungalows were built throughout the United States during the first three decades of the twentieth century, not many were constructed on Staten Island. Currently there are very few extant in West New Brighton, none of which is this fully developed or maintains this degree of integrity. The roofline of this house, unusually complex for Craftsman style bungalows, consists of a series of intersecting gables and dormers and shows a high degree of architectural ability. Its widely overhanging eaves are typical of the Craftsman style, suggesting the sheltering quality of the house, while the use of cobblestones on the front piers and the chimney show the architect’s desire to link the house with the natural environment and add to its picturesque qualities. This well-proportioned, finely-detailed house, prominently sited on a corner lot, served as a cornerstone for the development of this neighborhood. DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS West New Brighton Consolidation of the City of New York in 1898 brought tremendous development to Staten Island. Its population grew from 12,702 in 1880 to 41,815 in 1930. Areas that had been agricultural began to be developed with housing. This north central section of Staten Island, known as West New Brighton, was part of this development. Shore Road (later called Richmond Terrace), Broadway, and Clove Road were among the first established thoroughfares in this area, but soon Castleton Avenue became the principal commercial thoroughfare, and other streets began to be opened throughout the neighborhood. By the end of the nineteenth century, the area from Cary Street south to Prospect on the east side of Clove Road was completely filled with houses. South of Castleton, there were older homes, set well back from the street. By the turn of the twentieth century the street was marked by a full display of telephone and electrical poles, while a trolley ran along Clove Road. In the nineteen teens and twenties, there was a tremendous improvement to Staten Island’s infrastructure, including the water supply, sewers, and roads. This, along with the anticipated construction of bridges to New Jersey and a subway link to Brooklyn led to a boom in real-estate development and speculation that lasted through the 1930s. West New Brighton was particularly attractive for this development because of the creation nearby of Clove Lakes Park in 1919 and the Staten Island Zoo in 1936, on the former estate of the Barrett family. An article in 1911 in The New York Times promoted the extensive amount of industrial and residential development then occurring in many sections of Staten Island. Among other areas mentioned, the author commented on the high demand for one and two family homes in West New Brighton and encouraged investors about the wonderful opportunities to be found in the borough. Mark W. Allen Mark W. Allen was born in Fairfax County, Virginia in 1877. He came to Staten Island in 1898, to work as a carpenter for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and soon became superintendent of carpenters. In 1906, he started a lumber company with his brother George, the Allen Bothers Lumber Company. For a period, it merged with another firm, becoming the Allen-Wheeler Lumber Company, with Mark Allen as president. The company was also involved in real estate development in the West New Brighton area. In 1935 the firm, locate
Walpole Woodworkers (old location)
Walpole Woodworkers (old location)
Ahh, evidence of the former occupants - Walpole Woodworkers "Manufactures wood fencing material; manufactures prefabricated wood buildings; fencing dealer; manufactures prefabricated metal buildings & components; retails outdoor & garden furniture; manufactures wood household furniture"

allen furniture commercial
allen furniture commercial
Quantum Modern Cherry Right Desk w/Pedestal Office Furniture
The hallmark of BBF, OfficeReady* represents our highest standard in commercial-grade furniture. Durable, Diamond Coat* work surfaces are easy on the eyes and tough enough for years of use. Time-saving installation means it's never been faster or easier to be up and running.
Overall Dimension: 71 3/8"W 29 3/8"D 30" H
Finish: Modern Cherry
Material: Wood
72" Right Desk with Pedestal from the OfficeReady*-Quantum Series.
Totally flexibility to create administrative, professional or executive office solutions.
All melamine construction with durable Diamond Coat* work surfaces are scratch and stain resistant.
Durable PVC edge banding protects desk from dents.
Back panel cutouts and desktop grommets for wire management
Accepts CPU Holder next to ped; Articulating Keyboard Shelf at center; Data Port in rectangular grommet; Monitor Arm in 3" grommet.
Accepts 72" Hutch, Peninsulas, Returns, and 48" Bridge with another desk to form a "U" configuration.
Time-saving, Install-Ready* features result in assembly that's 4 times faster than conventional RTA.
Ship UPS
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Meets ANSI/BIFMA safety, anti-tip and performance standards.
Also available in Harvest Cherry