City government is the foundation on which the state and federal governments are built. It's vitally important for each citizen's voice to be heard.

I want to represent you on the New Brighton City Council. I will add a new voice and a fresh perspective to the issues that face our city by putting aside personal politics.

Clean Water

Finalizing and implementing a water filtration infrastructure to address the Dioxane contamination in our biggest water aquafer is essential for everyone. The City staff, Mayor and other leaders have done a great job to identify a solution that should be fully implemented next year. The fact that the Army, with continued pressure, will cover the costs, means that we have clean and safe water, while we won’t have massive tax or fee increases to address the problem. I think that the experience has demonstrated to all of us that having highly qualified and passionate leadership and staff can make a positive impact on all of our lives.

Economic Development

New Brighton is poised to capitalize on the opportunities that will present themselves as the economy strengthens. My focus will be to make sure that we capitalize on a slowly rebounding economy and make sure that development will make sense not just for the next 4 years, but for the next 40.

  • Progress on the New Brighton Exchange/Northwest Quadrant - There are city owned lots that represent a great opportunity to bring in new and diverse developments into the city. As the city looks at options, I support efforts that incorporate single-family homes, multi-unit developments, commercial and retail space. The city also has an interest in establishing green spaces, such as parks and trails around the area to increase the opportunities to live, work and play in the community. 

As a Council Member I will work with our city staff to insure that we are exploring viable developments that meet an overall vision for the city when built, but also decades to come. 

    • Housing - When thinking about development we also need leaders willing to address that our community is getting older and many seniors will be looking to move out of their homes and hopefully, looking to retire in nice, affordable housing without the ‘up keep’ and with the opportunity for living assistance. 

We do not have a lot of these options for seniors. The recent proposed residential developments are high cost, pricing-out most in the community. I will explore development opportunities that will meet the needs of all residents who are at different phases in their lives. I am interested in looking at the big picture and what challenges will happen over the next few decades and start discussing policies and a long-term direction. 

    • Celebrate New Brighton! - I will work to promote New Brighton as a great place to do business. New Brighton’s proximity to Minneapolis and St. Paul offers businesses a great place to thrive.

Affordable Housing for Seniors

    • With the demographic changes that have begun, we must ensure that we have the facilities and services to meet the needs of our aging citizen’s, while continuing to attract young families to New Brighton. Like most of the Metro area, New Brighton does not have many affordable housing options for residents. As housing and rental prices increase, many in the community are struggling to afford housing. It is one of the issues I hear most frequently when talking to residents at their doors or on the phone. In addition, New Brighton has a relatively high percentage of residents over the age of 75.
    • Many seniors living in their single-family homes are transitioning or will, to alternative housing over the next decade. I have been vocal about the need to address increased affordable housing for many years and especially as a member of the Economic Development Commission for the past year and a half. The city is starting to explore options. 
    •  I want to see the city work with the community, developers, nonprofits and government agencies, and funds at the state and federal level to find opportunities to redevelop areas of the city to include multi-unit housing that has dedicated units for lower income seniors. In addition, making sure that landlords throughout the city understand opportunities available and the necessity to offer more below market rental units to help increase the number of affordable units in the city.

New Brighton City Budget

I firmly believe elected officials have a responsibility to ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently. This is especially important when communities across the state, including ours, are being affected by the nation’s economic troubles.

The city budget has strengthened as the economy has improved. 

Our public workers have done an exemplary job in continuing to provide us with the excellent services we’ve all come to expect in New Brighton. 

As a Council member, I would also explore and advocate for measures that will not reduce services to residents and businesses.

·     Repealing taxpayer provided health insurance for Council Members - At a time when our public workers have agreed to freeze their wages and other part-time city employees are not provided health insurance, the Council should not provide themselves with additional benefits.

·     Moving our elections –Municipal elections should be moved to coincide with state and federal elections. This will save the city and the taxpayers approximately $12,000 per election.

·     Maximizing purchasing power – I will work with city staff to find ways to partner with other government agencies and organizations to make joint purchases. This cooperation will reduce unnecessary costs.

·     Being innovative and promoting conservation – I will support efforts by our city to find ways to promote energy and operating savings to help relieve on-going costs.

Public Safety

One of the highest priorities of our city government is the safety of the people of New Brighton. Our police officers, firefighters, and emergency responders deserve our continued support for their excellent service.

·     Evaluation of needs – I will work with our Public Safety officials to ensure that we continue to have a safe and secure community.

·     Being Proactive - I will make sure that we continue to work on crime prevention programs and encouraging citizen volunteer programs that help strengthen and protect our neighborhoods.

Quality Schools

Investment in our top-rated school districts is our responsibility to our children and key to the prosperity of our community. I have always been and will continue to be a strong advocate for students and teachers.

·     Collaboration – As a Member of the Council, I will make sure that we are working closely with our great school districts. By forging stronger relationships we will be able to strengthen understanding of current efforts and happenings.

 Prepared by the Allen for Council Campaign Committee - 427 11th Ave NW, New Brighton, MN 55112