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Why I'm Running

"As a member of the City Council I will help New Brighton continue to expand on opportunities and invest in the future."

As New Brighton and Minnesota continue to grow after, and rebound from, the recession of the past decade, not all in our community have benefited from this recovery, and New Brighton is still playing catch up for years of bare-bones budgets that resulted in reduction of city staff, public programs and maintenance of city resources. As we continue to move forward and build a brighter future for New Brighton, elected officials have a responsibility to ensure that residents hard earned tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently.  I am offering New Brighton a new voice to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. 

The issues we face are complex and will not be solved in one year, or even in four.  But as your City Council Member, I will work every day for a more open, engaging city, that shares its prosperity with citizens. I will reach out to renters, who make up a third of our city’s population. I will reach out new families moving in.  I will reach out to seniors who have made New Brighton their home for decades, to find the best ways on how to meet the needs that matter to you. As Paul Wellstone was fond of saying ‘we all do better, when we all do better.’  I will be your City Council Member you can contact any time: face to face, on the phone, e-mail or social media. I will always make the time to listen to your needs and work to address your concerns.

This election, you will be asked to choose a mayor and two City Council Members.  For most of us in the city, we will be voting on a proposed levy for the Mounds View Schools. I am a proud yes supporter and encourage you to vote yes for our kids and future. 

On November 7th remember Graeme Allen for New Brighton City Council. E- mail: AllenforNB@gmail.com  text or call: 612-481-2144

 Prepared by the Allen for Council Campaign Committee - 427 11th Ave NW, New Brighton, MN 55112