The Allen County Beekeepers Association (ACBA) is a non-profit organization for beekeepers and those interested in beekeeping. New members are always welcome! You do not have to be a member to attend. Come whether you are a beginner, veteran beekeeper or are just thinking about becoming a beekeeper.

We meet on the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the Allen County Extension Office, 200 East Main Street in Scottsville, Kentucky, except December when we have a holiday potluck beginning at 6 p.m.  Each meeting consists of providing dates and information about upcoming beekeeper education opportunities, an educational program, regular segments "This Month in the Beeyard" and "What's In Bloom" and the occasional "Honey Traveler" honey tasting. There is also time for Q and A and informal networking with beekeepers of all experience levels.    

  Our main purpose is to promote better beekeeping by:

  • Informing members about honey bees and beekeeping
  • Providing training in the art of beekeeping
  • Teaching about the importance and contribution of honey bees to the welfare of all people
  • Encouraging others to join the ranks of beekeeping and to become members of the ACBA

         Do You Have a Honey bee Swarm? 
Our Services page includes a list of Southcentral Kentucky beekeepers who remove swarms and also provide other bee-related removals and pollination.  Beekeepers have an interest in collecting swarms from numerous sources to expand and spread genetic diversity, especially from feral bees swarming from trees.  If you call for assistance with a swarm and do not receive an answer or a return call within 30 minutes, please call another beekeeper.  A swarm of bees will leave on their own accord, sometimes in a matter of an hour; other times it may take a day or two.  The bees will be docile but it is best best to leave their removal to an experienced beekeeper.

 (Allen County, KY bee swarm removal; Barren County, KY bee swarm removal; Warren County, KY bee swarm removal; Metcalfe County, KY bee swarm removal; Simpson County, KY bee swarm removal; Hart County, KY; Logan County, KY bee swarm removal)