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  • A window blind consisting of horizontal slats that can be pivoted to control the amount of light that passes through it
  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.
  • Blinds constructed of horizontal strips of wood, aluminium or PVC, Gives a modern look to home or office and a large degree of light control
  • A hanging blind with slats that are held together by strips of webbing or ribbon
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Creepy Place.....(Jessica doesn't believe me) #4
Creepy Place.....(Jessica doesn't believe me) #4
On day two of the San Joaquin road trip, driving west on HWY 198, a half hour from the motel in Hanford, I saw a large industrial looking complex that looked abandoned. Always interested in camera exploring places like that. It was on a side road and was indeed abandoned, chained off gates and surrounded by a serious razorwire fence. But as is often the case, I try to drive around the perimeter to see if the fence has been breached. There was no perimeter road so I drove across a salt flat piece of hardpack. There was a big semi-tractor trailer truck that I passed parked on the salt flat, as well as a rattlesnake that was coiled nearby. The motor on the rig was running and I figured a driver had pulled off the road in order to get some shut-eye. The back of the flatbed trailer was stacked with maybe thirty very long metal tubes, two feet in diameter, tipped at either end with red cones. Drove past it and sure enough, in the back someone had ripped off a gate and I drove into the complex. I did see out of the corner of my eye some kind of activity about a hundred yards from the gate, next to some railroad tracks. But I did not want to draw attention to myself so I just drove in as if I had good reason to be there. I started to walk around, snapping away and was a bit creepy....several rattlesnakes and 'odd' disturbing 'debris' in places....but some interesting visuals. I was there maybe a half hour exploring the place when a uniformed military policeman, with sidearm, came over and said, very politely but firmly, that I could not aim my camera at what was going on just outside the gate of the abandoned building next to the railroad tracks....there were about two dozen people in white coats, six military guys with guns...and they were all under some kind of canopy working on the thirty foot long 'tubes' ....i think they were rockets but i have no idea why they were there in the middle of nowhere and not on some base.....weird. When I told the amazing Qua about it, she did not believe me (I confess I sometimes have episodes where I transmit unreliable information...i.e. she had good reason to doubt me....and said: "you're so full of it"...i.e., bullshit) So I did a little more research and in looking at the map I realized this abandoned complex was just outside the town of Lemoore....which is just outside Lemoore Naval Air Station.....and if you google/wikipedia Lemoore NAS you find this: So there, Jessica, I am full of shit, I know.....but it explains some things but not what they were doing or why they were doing it at that location.... Oddness....
Old Hong Kong - makers of venetian blinds ???
Old Hong Kong - makers of venetian blinds ???
Another life-long business that has been surviving on the same spot for almost half a century. The old couple, in their 70s / 80s, was seen selling (and installing) venetian blinds well before the present building on the adjacent lot was built. In early 70s, the couple was facing a hard time when the former building this stall adhered to was being re-developed, hoarding erection along the lot boundary line of this service lane forced the business to continue in an awkward position. The son of this couple was rather discontented with his parent's small business, leaving the couple to carrying on this trade on their own. May be for another 10 years.... Woven curtains, venetian blinds of all types and even old fashioned blinds with 2 inches wide slats are always available. In April 2009, the old man had a stroke and become bedridden, temporarily ending half a century of his association with this alleyway.

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