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Professional Clean Carpet

professional clean carpet
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professional clean carpet - Hoover MaxExtract
Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner, Garnet-F7411900
Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner, Garnet-F7411900
The Hoover Dual V MaxExtract has the patented SpinScrub brushes that clean all sides of the carpet fiber. The brushes are easy to remove for easy clean up. And, there are 3 speeds for a variety of tasks. The Dual V Technology provides equal suction across the entire path and removes more water than any other brand. The widepath feature provides 20% more brushing action on the carpet. The motor is a powerful 12amps. The Heat Feature applies the heat directly to the floor. The Dual V also comes with a 8' hose for long reach and a removable tool caddy for easy storage as well as a SpinScrub Powered Hand tool for those above the floor cleaning chores.

85% (17)
Cleaning Package
Cleaning Package
Wouldn't it be great to come home to a clean house? Well, now you can if you are the winning bidder of this cleaning package, which includes professional home cleaning by Merry Maids of the Black Hills, carpet cleaning from Pro-Steam Carpet & Upholstery, and professional window cleaning from Fish Window Cleaning.
Carpet Cleaning Oxnard: The Natural Cleaning, Trained Professionals
Carpet Cleaning Oxnard: The Natural Cleaning, Trained Professionals
Carpet Cleaning Oxnard: The Natural Cleaning solution uses less water, is safe, no chemicals, faster, sparkling clean carpet by trained professionals at All Seasons

professional clean carpet
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