Colorful Kitchen Rugs

colorful kitchen rugs
  • Having much or varied color; bright
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  • A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation.
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colorful kitchen rugs - Colorful Summer
Colorful Summer Buds Red Yellow Floral Area Rug
Colorful Summer Buds Red Yellow Floral Area Rug
Jellybean washes better than your jeans. Jellybean rugs are very durable and will not fade or mildew. They have a special twisted hook construction that is patented, which keeps the threads from picking and pulling. Fresh, bright colors and a really unique fun design, make this an accent rug for the 21st century. Product Features Features colorful bursts of red and yellow florals against green background. Acrylic/Polypropylene Machine washable Indoor/Outdoor Designed by JenniferClark Measurements Mat- 22 H" x 34 W"

86% (7)
Custom Crochet Rug - Circles
Custom Crochet Rug - Circles
Order a custom crochet rug for yourself! Available in the colors of your choosing, this rug makes a great addition to any room: kitchen, dorm, bedroom, living room, etc. See my profile for more information.
Hexagon Rag Rug 54 inches
Hexagon Rag Rug 54 inches
I just finished crocheting this rug. I made it from t shirts. It measures 54 inches across at the widest points, and 48 inches across at the shorter points.

colorful kitchen rugs
colorful kitchen rugs
Colorful Vintage Kitchen Towels (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
We hate to name drop, but this beautiful book features the top manufacturers and designers of kitchen towels from the 1930s to the 1960s! From the delightful fruit and floral patterns of Wilendur, Startex, and Martex, to the wonderful whimsical designs of Broderie, Bucilla, and JS&S, a visual feast of color and design is presented here. Vintage towels are small art canvases -- easily afforded, easily cleaned, and easily displayed. Hundreds of different designs can be collected in a small space and at minimal cost. It is no wonder, then, that their popularity has risen in recent years to make them one of the hottest textile collectibles! Called by various names -- tea towels, dish towels, kitchen towels, utility towels, work towels and hand towels -- these irresistible charmers are showcased here in over 490 color photos. Previously unpublished information about some of the era's top-name textile artists is featured in a special designer section and a must-read cleaning and storage chapter provides tips that will add decades to the lives of vintage textiles. Measurements, current values, a helpful glossary, and manufacturers list are all included.

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