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Bologna, Feb. 4th, 2008 - Saturday February 2nd, in Bologna, the gala evening of slovak culture

"2nd Representative Ball of Slovaks abroad"

has been hold with the High Patronage of the President of the Slovak Republic, in presence of the Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Dušan Čaplovič,  the Ambassador Stanislav Vallo and the Slovak Institute director Miroslav Musil. The Head of City Trade and Tourism Maria Cristina Santandrea was also present in account of the Bologna Mayor. The event has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, and by the Office for Slovaks living abroad, whose President Vilma Privarova personally welcomed during the evening the slovaks landed from seven european countries.

That same day, by the Bologna University, has been hold the ceremony whih made the italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi honorary member of the Alexander Dubček Society. Professor at Bologna University in 1988, he has been very close to Alexander Dubček when, on the occasion of the 900th anniversary, the Alma Mater nominated the ex Czechoslovak Prime Minister, fall into disgrace twenty years before, after the happenings of the Prague's Spring and the the Soviet invasion, followed by the "normalization", Doctor Honoris Causa in Politics.

Romano Prodi and the Rector Pier Ugo Calzolari also later attended to the Representative Ball of Slovaks abroad, paying once again tribute not only to Pavol Dubček and to his father, but also to the whole Slovak nation. At the Ball Romano Prodi received a dvd box with the best slovak art expressions of last decades in music and folk fields. He also received a prize from the Allegra Association President Zuzana Solieri and the slovak glass artist Gordana Turuk, a polichrome glass sculpture, primped with unique golden pigments, and rounded off by the technical mastery of the artist, which recently has been awarded with the cup of the International Festival of Arts of San Crispino (IT). 

Slovaks from seven countries attended the evening: Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Croatia, Italy and Slovakia. Several shows of the professional dancers of Dansovia with choreographies by Peter Modrovsky and of Les Belles de Paris Show, with intervals of recreational folk groups of Slovaks living in different european countries, presented by the sympathy of the slovak STV television showman Viliam Stankai, helped for the italian version by the Law student (at University of Bologna) Barbora Lipova, entertained and amused the guests until late night. DJ-Rudy closed whit a sparkling dj-set the end of the night. 


Here following a very short selection of shots of those days:

1.2.2008 - Press conference: the Bologna Mayor Sergio Cofferati, the Deputy Prime Minister Dušan Čaplovič and the Alexander Dubček Society President Pavol Dubček

Here following a series of video reportage by the slovak allnews television TA3:

TA3: Ceremony Dubček Society - Romano Prodi

TA3: 2nd Representative Ball of Slovaks abroad

TA3: 2nd Representative Ball of Slovaks abroad - without comments


A great thanks to all the partners which supported the event in this event:

particularly to:

Support of: Office for Slovaks living abroad, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairsof the Slovak Republic, Bologna Municipality, Bologna City of Music UNESCO, World Association of Slovaks abroad, SACR Slovak Tourist Board

Sponsors: Slovenske Elektrarne-Enel, Unicredit Group, Eximbanka

Partners: Sky Europe, Confindustria Vicenza, Impresa Bottoli, Euboia, NSN Najnovsi Storocny Nabytok, Slovakian Estates, Sotrade, Seculus

Media Partners: TA3, Plus Production, Radio Viva, Euroreport, Runway, MilliardCity.com, Sarm, MIAU, Gold MAN, Italo-Slovak Chamer of Commerce



22 - 24 June 2007

La Slovacchia incontra Bologna

giorni di cultura slovacca

Slovakia meets Bologna

days of slovak culture

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in collaboration with the Bologna Summer staff 


 Last 24 February 2007, in Bologna, Italy, the 

1st Representative Ball of the Slovaks living Abroad

has been performed. Participants attended in Bologna from 6 European Countries:
Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Italy.

The evening obtained the High Patronage
of the President of the Slovak Republic
We were honoured by the presence of the
Vice Prime Minister of the Slovak Government Mr. Dušan Čaplovič,
as well as other italian and slovak authorities.

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