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                                                                                                                                            So get out there and enjoy yourself while you can!
Cold weather paddling: WEAR YOUR PFD!!!!!!
Please wear your PFD during cold weather paddling. Not only is it the law, most importantly it saves lives! Below are the links to Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio regulations.
Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission rule: http://www.fish.state.pa.us/boatcrs/pfd/faq-pfd-cold.htm
Ohio DNR Division of Watercraft rule: http://watercraft.ohiodnr.gov/lifejackets

Following these three guidelines will greatly enhance your safety in case 
of an 

unfortunate out 
of boat experience. 
Wear a wetsuit or drysuit (strongly 

paddling with 
a friend, and 
stay close to shore. Have fun, but please be safe!
The 7th Annual Pat Shine Memorial Canoe & Kayak Race has new sponsorship! Performance-Kayak inc. Please check back for more details..............
We use Hammer Nutrition products you can too!  

We are people who enjoy making our canoes and kayaks go fast!
Simply put, the Allegheny River Competitive Paddlers club is for canoeists and kayakers wishing to improve their paddling technique, speed, and endurance. The Allegheny River from the Kinzua Dam to Betts Park, has been home of the 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2012 (2015 Kinzua to Irvine) United States Canoe Association (USCA) National Championships as well as many Pennsylvania Association of Canoe and Kayak (PACK) State Championship races. Competitors from all across the nation insist, this is one of the best courses and that is why they repeatedly come back here to race. Sadly, very few local Warren Pa and surrounding area paddlers have competed in these events. We at ARCP would like to see this change. Our goal is to help interested paddlers find others to paddle with, while developing their skills. We realize racing is not for everyone, maybe you just want to paddle for fitness while perfecting your stroke, this is okay. The Allegheny River in Irvine, Pa. is our base training area, also the Clarion River in Ridgway, and the Conewango Creek in Akeley. When we need to replicate a big open water race environment, we venture to the Kinzua Dam (Allegheny Reservoir). New friends learning to how to paddle competitively is what it's all about. Other than our Annual Pat Shine Memorial Canoe & Kayak Race, there are not many races in this area. If you are willing to travel and really want to compete, there are races every weekend somewhere in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio. No disrespect towards our friends who enjoy float trips, our club activities are intended as athletic training, we keep quite an active pace. We DO NOT condone drinking parties on the water, so please don't bring along a cooler full of beer and your smokes.

Mark your calendars for July 15th 2017
Warren Pennsylvania.

The 7th Annual Pat Shine Memorial Canoe & Kayak Race 
The race course is from Kinzua Big Bend Access Area to Betts Park in Warren on the Allegheny River. It is approximately 10 miles. We are NOT asking for any increase or decrease water releases from the Army Corps this year, we will take what we get for the river level. PFDs are required at the start of the race while with in the Army Corps waterway. Just past the head of the first island this restriction ends. You don't have to be an elite paddler to participate in the Pat Shine Memorial races.Recreational classes and a business class too! Come on local paddlers, challenge your friends and have a great time on the beautiful Allegheny River. Get your employer to sponsor a team and try to win the "Business Class" Pat Shine plaque for a year. The Allegheny River Competitive Paddlers can assist in showing you tips for paddling faster and building your endurance.  Tango paddlers wanting head to head competition, sign up for the "Tango Class", paddle any tandem canoe using canoe or kayak paddles. 
New class this year, the "Veteran Class". Open to any US Military Veteran team paddling a recreational canoe.

For a copy of the registration form, more details, & results please go to the "Pat Shine Memorial Canoe & Kayak Race" page: https://sites.google.com/site/alleghenyrivercomppaddlers/pat-shine-memorial-canoe-kayak-race

         2017 Yukon River Quest 444 mile Canoe, Kayak, SUP Race
         Team number: 65    Team name: Saranac 4    Crew: Teresa Stout, Ashley Cary, John Vermilyea, Ben Schlimmer
       Result: 4th place overall, 1st place mixed voyageur, 1st place C-4, 1st team to finish line with women paddlers
                                     Time: 45 hours 48 minutes 16 seconds
             See the write-up here: Saranac 4 syracuse.com
                                            Teresa (seat 2)       Ashley (seat 3)       John (bow)       Ben (stern)
                                  Teresa and John boat prep                             Group meeting, lets do this!
                                               Pre-race practice                                       Ben, looking proud as a peacock 
                                    Ben and Ashley looking great                                      Beautiful scenery 
                                                                  Ashley                 John                  Teresa                        Ben
                                                                                     Still smiling after the big show. 

                              Teresa Stout & Steve Martin                                   Paul Gruber & Steve Martin        
                  2011 USCA Nationals Champs C-2 Standard Mixed        2011 USCA Nationals Champs C-2 Standard Men Masters     
                   Photo order: Randy Bailey, Steve Martin, Paul Gruber, Teresa Stout, Joe Schlimmer, Laura Martin, Dana Leet, Pat Anderson, John Koenig
                   Leg one: Paul Gruber (bow), Teresa Stout (seat 2), John Koenig (seat 3), Steve Martin (stern)
                   Leg two: Pat Anderson (bow), Laura Martin (seat 2), Dana Leet (seat 3), Randy Bailey (stern)
                   Leg three: Paul Gruber (bow), Teresa Stout (seat 2) Joe Schlimmer (seat 3), Steve Martin (stern)

Bow: Paul Gruber, Seat 2: Mark Kopta, Seat 3: Fran Kopta, Stern: Steve Martin
2013 T-Elm First Place Canoe C-4 Open Class, boat built by Mark Kopta 

2013 Yukon River Quest 444 Mile Canoe & Kayak Race
to: Kerry Newell, Teresa Stout, Paul Repak, Holly Crouch, Lorraine Tuturro, Jon Vermilyea, and Ashley (Carey) Vermilyea
Team "Passing Through" earns the 5th place overall finish at the 2013 Yukon River Quest 444 Mile Canoe & Kayak Race!
This is an incredible accomplishment in a race that had 67 total boats entered. They were the 2nd voyageur canoe out of 12, to cross the finish line.
These seven impressive paddlers gave an extraordinary effort for 46 hours, 25 minutes and 10 seconds. A job well done!!!
Click the link below to see the results of the Yukon River Quest 444 Mile Canoe & Kayak Race.