How to search for your 2014 property assessment in Allegheny County Pennsylvania
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This page will explain how to look up your Allegheny County property tax assessment. Finding your property tax assessment is the first step in appealing your Allegheny County real estate taxes. This link - Allegheny County Assessment search page, will open a new window in your browser and take you to the Allegheny County, PA search page. You should see this page:

Allegheny County Disclaimer Notice

If you agree with the Disclaimer, scroll down and click on Continue
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Enter the street name, in the Street Name box - Do not enter the house number in this box, enter the house number in the House Number box. If you want to search the entire street, leave the House Number box vacant. If you know the municipality, use the drop down box. Click Search.
Allegheny County Search boxes

At the bottom of the page, you will see two sets of numbers, Full Market Value and County Assessed Value. The municipality and school district assessed value is based on the Full Market Value, and Allegheny County's assessed Value is based on the County Assessed Value to the right.
Result of Allegheny County Search

Look closely, you'll notice that the Building Value is lower ($35,000) on the county side. The Building Value is higher on the left side - local and school district. That's because this property owner is eligible for the homestead exemption. This lowers the COUNTY assessed value. The homestead exemption is not applicable for the local or school district.
Allegheny County, Local, and School District Assessment

Now that you have the assessment numbers for the property, you can proceed to the calculation page - Allegheny County Property Tax Calculation. You can search for the new 2014 Allegheny County assessment with this link > 2013 assessment