I have been riding on fire trucks since I was 14 years old and taking my bike to the local firehouse in Dorchester where I secured a regular spot on Engine 18's Rig.  From there I have been invited to many houses and allowed to document the job firefighters do.  In Boston I have rode with Engines 18 and 33, Ladder 7, Rescue 2, Boston EMS and Boston Police Area B-2.  I have also rode with FDNY in 2 Rescue companies, a Tower Ladder, an Engine and two Battalion Chiefs and in North Las Vegas on an Engine company. In addition to ride alongs with fire companies I have also flown with Boston Medflight on their Dauphin helicopter and the USCG on their Jayhawk helos and jet and with the National Guard in Black Hawks.  I appreciate the opening of your homes to me so people can better understand the jobs we do.

If you are interested in having your company documented please email me at info@allcompaniesworking.com

Photo by Pat Travers www.NEFirePhoto.com