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  • The club is a voluntary organization, with no formal office location.
    • The office bearers (committee) works for the club in their spare time with no remuneration.
  • The office bearers (committee) convene about 10 times per year for committee meetings.
  •  Most of the club communication happens via the club email, which gets attended to by committee members in their spare time.
    • Please be patient - it may take a few days before an email gets answered!
  • There is no dedicated club phone number. To contact a committee member per phone, see their individual contact details on the Committee page.


 Fax number 086 556 8414

This is a fax-to-email number, therefore all faxes are received electronically as email.

 Website address http://www.allbreedscatclubza.com

 Club email address    allbreedscatclub@gmail.com

Use this for general email to the committee.
 Webmaster legendsdesigns30@gmail.com
Use this only to communicate to the webmaster on technical matters regarding the website. 
 Banking details Banking details, where applicable, appear on the relevant forms (membership and show entries).