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New to Cat Shows?

If you wait to participate in cat shows, there is a lot to learn. In brief, here are the steps to follow for showing at SACC:

Step 1: Make sure your cat is eligible to enter:
  • The following cats cannot be entered for a cat show:
    • Declawed cats.
    • Certain breeds banned by SACC, for example the Bambino.
    • Queens that are obviously pregnant.
    • Cats that have been shaved or sculpted.
    • Sick Cats.
  • All Cats entered must have a valid Vet Certificate to proof that that cat's vaccinations are up to date.
  • If you want to enter a kitten, the kitten must be 16 weeks or older on show day.
  • If you want to enter a household pet, it can be entered in the Domestic Section. However, it must be sterilized.
  • If you want to enter a registered cat, the following apply:
    • The cat must have a SACC registration number.
    • The cat must be registered in YOUR name.
    • If it is an entire male and older than 18 months, it must have a SACC stud number.
Step 2: Enter before the closing date:
  • Get the show dates - Show Calendar. 
  • Show entries usually closes about 3 weeks before a show.
    • If you are a first time exhibitor, it is advisable to contact the club that holds the show well in advance for assistance.
Step 3: Prepare your cat for the Show:
  • Cat shows are in essence beauty competitions.
  • Usually, cats are bathed before a show. How, depends on the breed.
  • Longhaired cats must be free of knots.
  • Ears and eyes must be clean.
Step 4: Arrive on time for the show & well prepare:
  • Make sure you know where the show is and when to be there.
  • Make sure you know what to bring along for the day, e.g. cat litter, water bowl, food & bedding.
Step 5: Be at the show for the day:
  • Make sure that you organize your day to be at the show for the whole day.
  • If you cannot be there: get somebody to stand in for your ownership responsibilities. These are:
    • Keep your litter trays clean.
    • Assist the stewards and judges with moving your cat between its show cage and the judging table.
      • At some shows, the judges sit at a fixed location, each at his/her own table.
      • At some shows, the judges move with tables from cage to cage.
      • In both cases, the steward will ask you to take the cat to the table and back to the cage.
      • You may be present when the judge is handling your cat.
      • If you are not available, the steward will take the cat out of its show cage for the judge.
  • There are usually a photographer on duty, offering a free photographic service. Make sure you take your cat to be photographed - you never know whether your cat may make it to the finals. Photos of finalists are required for publishing on club websites, internet show lists and popular cat magazines.
  • The final judge - off for the overall winners starts when all ring judging is finished: usually as from 4 o'clock. Make sure you are present.
Step 6: Show End:
  • Put your cat in his carrier.
  • Please assist the hosting cat club with breaking down of the show hall.
  • Make sure you take all your belongings home.