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Black Distressed Furniture

black distressed furniture
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black distressed furniture - Powell Furniture
Powell Furniture Hills of Provence Jewelry Armoire in Distressed Antique Black
Powell Furniture Hills of Provence Jewelry Armoire in Distressed Antique Black
This traditional jewelry armoire reflects the enchantment of an old world French Mediterranean countryside. Distinguished by its hand-carved detail, brass hardware and long cabriole French legs, the Hills of Provence armoire is blessed with an inherent charm. Five pull drawers and two side-door cabinets provide ample personal jewelry , effects storage and join a flip-top inset mirror and a rich black terra cotta finish in completing the look of this antique jewelry armoire. Features: Jewelry armoire features solid rubberwood and MDF construction Armoire jewelry box has a black terra cotta finish with rub-through highlights Distressed antique black finish with terra cotta sand-through highlights and black lining Five drawers Two side-door cabinets Side doors open 90? Flip-top mirror with tray Side cabinets features 4 necklace hooks each Rayon felt drawer lining Scallop carved apron and long cabriole French legs Leaf carvings Top mirror panel and leg assembly only Specifications: Overall dimensions when closed: 39.75" H x 16.5" W x 12.5" D Overall dimensions when open: 50" H x 30.5" W x 15.5" D Shipping Carton Dimensions: 20.63" H x 15.13" W x 29.38" D Weight: 54 lbs Manufacturer Limited 1-Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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Distressed Street Furniture, Gainsborough
Distressed Street Furniture, Gainsborough
Hiding behind a modern phone "box" is the old bus shelter on the corner of Gainsborough's Gordon Street. Sadly, this suffered extensive vandalism a few years back (they set it on fire), so all that remains of this 1950s sonstruction is the cast iron frame and a corrugated roof. Once it was enclosed on three sides with green-painted timber, and even had a bench seat.
Antique table painted black, hand distressed, then varnished
Antique table painted black, hand distressed, then varnished
This is one of many, many black pieces I've done and simply loved. I do this when the wood has been damaged and repairs are required (thank goodness for wood putty filler). This table and one other like it hand been gnawed on by dogs (they love the turned, detailed legs). A good sanding, two or three coats of good, black paint, hand-rubbing, then a varnish to make it all pop!

black distressed furniture