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What Does A Baby Look Like At 17 Weeks

what does a baby look like at 17 weeks
    baby look
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17: the reason why i won't eat bananas
17: the reason why i won't eat bananas
When I was a kid, I had perfect teeth. Then I lost my baby teeth and my adult teeth started coming in. I remember very clearly the day I told my mom that my front teeth were coming back (they were missing for some time, and I rocked that toothless gap for my school pictures) and I showed her. "See?" She took one look and said -- I'll never forget it as long as I live -- "Oh, shit." I didn't understand the problem, but she did. My two front teeth were coming in crooked, and this was going to mean fun with the orthodontist! Whee! After my front teeth finished coming in, I also understood what the problem was with my teeth. The two in front were incredibly crooked, and there was a gap in between them that was roughly the size of Texas. The trips to the orthodontist began when I was in 3rd grade. At the orthodontist, I learned that not only were my teeth crooked and gappy, but I had a terrible overbite AND my upper jaw was too narrow. So, the first round of treatment was an expander, which, um, expanded my upper jaw to the correct width. For those of you unfamiliar with orthodontic joy, this meant that every morning for a week or so, my mother had to turn a key to expand a plastic and metal contraption on the roof of my mouth. It didn't really hurt, but I'll never forget the way it felt: kind of weird sinus pressure spreading across my face. Once my jaw was the right size, it was time for braces. I first got braces when I was in 4th grade and wore them through part of 5th grade (though I do remember that I got retainers at some point in that year -- because I remember throwing them away and being hysterical). Braces Round One fixed the crookedness and removed the gap between my front teeth. I got braces for the second time sometime in the summer before I started 7th grade. In the interim between rounds of braces awesomeness, I had four molars pulled and braces put in the back to close the gaps left there. And there were all the times I lost, broke, or threw away my retainers to keep me entertained for some time. Braces Round Two were to fix my overbite, which meant that in addition to the fun of having my braces tightened monthly, I had to wear rubber bands on my upper and lower teeth to pull my lower jaw into the correct position. Some people got to wear one rubber band on each side, but me? No. Four on each side. So for almost a year, my jaws were pretty much rubber banded shut. Though I'm sure my mother could attest to the fact that this in no way kept me from talking too much. Anyway, in the summer before I started high school, I got my braces off and got my final set of retainers. I was supposed to wear them all day (except when eating), but having wires across my teeth was, like, totally not cool, so I started wearing my retainers only at night shortly after school started. And then I stopped wearing them altogether. This was way before I was supposed to do this, and because of this, my bottom teeth -- which were never crooked before -- are now slightly crooked, and I have the teeniest gap between my two front teeth now. Most people don't know it's there, but I do. Who agrees that this is way too much information about my teeth? Anyway, I was never a big fan of bananas prior to this, but the reason why I won't eat bananas is because when I was getting my first set of impressions taken, they had an awful time with me because every time they tried, I kept almost throwing up. Finally, to get my gag reflex to stop being such a jerk, they numbed the back of my throat with banana-flavored spray. And to this day, even smelling a banana will bring on an intense wave of nausea. In fact, I'm feeling kind of ill, just thinking about it. So, um... yeah. The end.
23 weeks
23 weeks
and 12 lbs later this is what i look like. eeeek. and i have over 17 weeks to go! The baby gave me a birthday present on May 8th... he started kicking me on my way to work:) At the last ultrasound over 2 weeks ago, he weighed approx 14 oz. avg at that time is about 10-11 so he is a healthy boy so far. Bob and I can not agree on a single name besides Dylan. I am not liking it only because I named my first dog Dylan after Bob Dylan and it doesn't feel right now naming my baby Dylan but Bob loves it and I obviously wouldn't have named my dog Dylan if I didn't like the name myself. Maybe it will grow on me. I love the name Dylan Robert. I really do. My first choices were Benjamin, Samuel and Abe. Ben, Sam, and Abe but Bob was a flat out "no" to all of them:( I can't complain because I was a flat out "no" on a few of his too. Compromise.

what does a baby look like at 17 weeks
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