Alla Peters – Teaching Traders the Fibonacci Method

Could you ever imagine day trading to be an easy, consistent and accurate affair? Do you have enough confidence to Trade Pure Price Action with no indicators whatsoever? If the answer is No, then you have a golden opportunity to turn it into a ‘YES’; all you need to do is join the Fibonacci Trading Institute. Founded by Alla Peters, the Fibonacci Trading Institute teaches the Fibonacci Method to all levels of trader from beginner through to Hedge Fund Trader.

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The Strategy

Alla Peters,
after many hours of research and analysis of the financial markets, devised a method which utilizes Price Action for market entry and Fibonacci for market exit. Her study of the markets identified repetitive price patterns which were apparent throughout all instruments. Her research also showed that it was possible to determine highly accurate turning points in the markets using Fibonacci. Alla researched the use of Fibonacci even further and developed her own proprietary Fibonacci levels which when combined with her knowledge of price, formulated what is now known as the Fibonacci Method.

Benefits and Achievements

The Fibonacci Method provides a clear and consistent strategy for trading the financial markets. A trader is left in no doubt as to what is expected of them under all market conditions. The rule-based method allows for no trader discrimination and as such removes a lot of the emotion from trading.

The method is portable to any instrument and can be traded on any time frame and on any platform. The method is suitable for Day, Position & Option Traders, Forex Traders and also Stock Traders.

The Fibonacci Method Course

The Fibonacci Mastery Course is delivered through online training and all the necessary education materials are accessible throughout the duration of the course within the member’s area. Classes are also held in live market conditions and the fundaments of the method are taught every week.  Traders can attend as many classes as they require but are also actively encouraged to study in their own time and provide homework on the tuition they receive.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Traders can choose between a 16- week private mentoring course or an 8-week group course depending on their personal requirements. Fibonacci Trading Institute’s only desire is for a trader to succeed and with Alla Peters herself providing the education then she ensures that all student needs are met.

  If you would like to trade with clarity, accuracy and consistency then visit the Fibonacci Trading Institute online today. Alla Peters, the creator of the Fibonacci Method welcomes all students from a beginner trader all the way through to a Hedge Fund Trader.