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A little about me. 

I got my first computer in 1995 I believe.  It was from Sears and it cost WAY too much money.  That computer never even went online.  We used it for games and word processing.We thought we were just the bomb for owning our very own computer.  That computer was given to a family member and then another and eventually did make it's way onto "THE NET", I can't imagine it was used for anything except emails.  Last year that computer made it's way back to us, still working..LOL!  My daughter plays solitaire on it when she's really bored.  I have since had 2 other machines, both Gateways, and I'm very satisfied with my last one.  I still paid too much for it but at the time I continued to need the support that Gateway offered.  Maybe next time I'll venture out on my own with a home built puter. 

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So, let's proceed to more important "schtuff", you've heard enough about me.

All information on my pages is purely for educational purposes only.  I do not endorse, support, nor am I affiliated with any of the links provided.  I simply am sharing the things I have collected over the years.  If your personal or business website is on my pages and you wish it not to be please contact me.  Also, If you use the information provided to mess up your computer, don't come crying to me!!!!!  Knowledge is power!                           


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