radiate your beauty from within...

Hello and Welcome!  
I  am Sonia Wagner a Certified Aesthetician, YogaFit Instructor and Intuitive Guide.  
I ignite in my clients a profound knowing and recognition of your own inner beauty. 
I support and nurture you to radiate your own beauty from within.
The way I do that, is by using my own intuitive guidance with facials, massage, yoga and at times guided meditations and readings. 
I am all about seeing the beauty in my own life and all around me.  All I want is for everyone to see the beauty in their own life for themselves, wherever they are, wherever they go...

I have lived through "ACNE" or bad skin and feeling like I am not good enough in many areas of my life.  I have come out on the other side glowing from within! As I have been able to connect to my own profound knowing of my beauty to know that I am love. I am focused on constantly expanding my capacity and depth of love for myself that is my beingness and it oozes from all of me, it's my radiance, it's my gift to me and to the world.
So it is with much joy and eagerness, that I would like to pass on everything I have learned on my journey in treating my own skin condition and the life lessons along the way to those who are asking. That everyone who is wanting to  feel empowered, connected, loved and radiant about not only their appearance but the aliveness which is who they are, from the inside out, lives that now!
So I go beyond simple aesthetic practices in combination with yoga, massage, meditations and readings to be able to offer services to benefit the Skin, Body and Soul.     
I look forward to seeing you! 
It is with great pleasure to be able to share a wealth of healthy lifestyle knowledge and practical tips for women of all ages on every visit.

" Beauty is being in harmony with what you are" 
- Peter Nivio Zarlenga


Sonia recommends Skin-DNATM Testing

Sonia recommends Prime Test ® Food Intolerance Testing

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