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Welcome to this site that offers screenwriting tips and advice for screenwriters starting out.


There are hundreds of books on how to write a screenplay, from character development to the three acts of a screenplay. But many of the issues covered can be found easily on this online screenwriting website for free. Just check out the navibar on the left to find what you are looking for. Also take a look at my Writers' Remedies blog, that includes a screenwriting troubleshooting guide. Find my external sites on the links above.


Simple Guide to Screenwriting


Having a great idea for a screenplay does not always mean it will convey well on paper. The characters may sound stilted, descriptions may slow the story or a climactic moment occurs too early. Such technical issues can ruin a story and the chances of a script of being being commissioned. This is where this site comes in.


Screenwriting Structure – a Breakdown


Screenwriting is by no means easy but breaking down the craft into bite-sized pieces will make the information easier to take in. To this end, articles can be found that explore various aspects of screenwriting. Find tips on character development, dialogue, and screenplay formatting. Also find articles explaining the three acts of the play, the hook, the theme and how to create conflict within the story.


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Information on Screenwriting

But even the best screenplay may not get read if the writer does not write a gripping story synopsis, or use the right tone within the preliminary letter. This makes marketing your screenplay of equal importance to the screenplay itself. Avoid beginner’s mistakes such as using gimmicks to sell your screenplay, not formatting it properly or sending out a grubby typescript. The dreaded slush pile is certain to the destiny of your beloved screenplay unless every avenue has been covered.


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I have written novels, screenplays and numerous articles on what I have learned about various writing crafts. My Writers’Remedies blog offers a personal view from experience on fiction writing, screenwriting, writing for the web and self-publishing. My other sister site, Novel Writing Site concentrates purely upon the matter of...well, novel writing. I have adapted my novels into screenplays and vice versa. I have had some success along the way not to mention some low points. It has all been a learning process.


Useful Advice for Screenwriters


Both screenwriting and novel writing are different crafts requiring separate sets of skills and yet they overlap on many levels. Like the novel, a good screenplay should possess great climactic moments, conflict, believable characters. And yet, both differ radically. The screenplay has barely any descriptions or back-story. The screenplay’s focus is mainly action and description, as can be learned here. I love both artforms.
Peruse this site if exclusively interested in screenwriting, take a look at my other sites if interested in other writing art forms.


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