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Pros and Cons of Webcams / Safety Tips

The Pros:
            -Webcams allow you to chat with loved ones or friends over seas and all 
             over the world.

            -Webcams are easy to use.

            -Webcams are portable 

            -Webcams can be used to record, edit,and share pics or videos

The Cons:
            -Webcams can allow strangers to view private videos and pics of people

            -Webcams can be used to spy on others without their consent

            -Webcams can be used to blackmail people


Safety Tips To Remember When Dealing With Webcams:

1. Pay Attention

Read the instruction manual which came with your web cam. This will make it much easier to find out how your camera actually works. You will also be able to see when other people are using the web cam and don't want to get caught behind it.

Many newer laptops and net books have built in web cams which are very tiny. You might not realize that these are recording. This is especially important since many of these feature software which can be used to turn the web cam into a security camera.

2. Supervision

It's important to supervise the children so that they aren't exposed to any danger. You should never allow young children to use a web cam without supervision because this could potentially be dangerous. If they think that anything is strange or doesn't feel quite right, then they should probably end the video chat or close the chat room.

3. Position

Many people will put their web cam above the monitor. This is normally the best location, however, you should ensure that the camera doesn't disclose any private information about where you live, your personal life or your family. It's a good idea to be anonymous. If the camera can see anything with your address on it, children's photos or anything else private, then you should probably move it. This will ensure that your videos stay anonymous.

4. Viruses

Some Trojans and viruses are capable of remotely activating the web cam on your computer without you realizing it. This could be potentially dangerous, which is why you must scan your computer for viruses on a regular basis. You might also feel more comfortable unplugging the web cam from your computer when not in use.

5. Editing

Before uploading your videos to YouTube or any other video sharing website, don't be afraid to edit them first. Editing the videos will make it easier to protect your identity and stay safe online.