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Facility Details

473 Saint Paul Street
North Smithfield, RI 02896
9000 total square feet.
Flexibility of 9 hitting/pitching tunnels.
A variety of pitching machines, pitching mounds, soft toss machines, L screens, and the new Solo Hitter 5000. 3 tunnels have retractable panels to create a new larger turf surface area for fielding practice 50 x 110 feet.
Self Service: 
We are a self service facility. Members access the facility with their own PIN code. Parents and Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and kids. We run on the honor system and require everyone who uses the facility to follow a very simple code...
  1. Be honest with us.
  2. Treat the facility like it's your own.
  3. Be kind and considerate to others while working out before,during and after.
Hours of Operation: 
Most Days:  7am-10pm
Member hours are limited November thru April, in order to accomodate Team Training Times.
Times are posted in the TEAM TRAINING AREA.
FREE Team Training Time!
Register 10 or more from your team and receive FREE Team Training time!
Home of Blackstone Valley Spinners!
We are privileged to be the exclusive indoor training home of the AAU powerhouse, Blackstone Valley Spinners organization.

The Best Value in the Area: 
We are dedicated to being the best value in the area for indoor baseball and softball training. That means the most availability for the lowest price. Our membership prices are extremely reasonable. Our preference is payment by check.

Single Membership:
Annual:  $250 
3 Months:  $125
Family Membership:
Annual:   $350
3 Months:  $175

Family membership means 2 kids or 10 kids. Please be honest about the kids in your family. Cousins and neighbors do not count.
Guest Fees: 
You are welcome to bring a guest for $10.
Please deposit payment in the "Drop Box".
The same guest may only train twice.
After two visits, have your guest call for a membership. Refer a friend and receive an All About Sports t-shirt. 
2015 Winter Slots:
Your team can rent the full facility or
the Turf Area only during team hours.
Rental prices per hour are:
  • Full Facility: $150
  • Turf Area only: $75
Call for information about pricing discounts for multiple rentals.
Important News!!!


7 - 7PM

Saturdays - 12-4PM
Sundays - 12-5PM


See Team Training schedule for other
available times for Members.

Crank Up the Team Batting Average!
The configuration of our facility is perfect for maximizing hitting and pitching practice. 2 or 3 coaches can easily keep up to 20 players in constant motion using our full facility circuit layout.