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Teaching your puggle not to run away is a process that should start as a puppy.

The mistake most puggle owners make is to follow their puppy when it wanders away. What should actually be done if you want to prevent future run-aways is to let the puppy wander, keeping an eye on him or her but acting as though you're not paying attention.

That way, your puppy will eventually realize that he or she is wandering off, and that it needs to pay attention and stay near you in order not to get lost.

This habit of staying near you rather than wandering off and being followed, when instilled as a baby puggle, is sure to remain throughout that puppy's life. It not only nurtures attentiveness in your dog, but reinforces your status as "pack leader," since they need to follow you and not vice versa!

Recognizing you as pack leader from an early age in this way will promote love and security in your puggle, and will prevent dangerous run-away situations in the future!