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Bessie's Book Blowout

A bargain bookseller perfect for Christmas shopping!

As a service to our readers, we here at All About Puggles have teamed up with to provide you with the best books on Puggles and other small dog breeds, at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere.

If you haven't started buying your books at, it's time to start.  I can't believe I used to spend 40 bucks for a new book, when I could've gotten it at for half price, usually less.

Here's an excellent book all about Small Dog Breeds by pet guru Dan Rice.  If you're considering buying or adopting a small dog breed, you've got to have this book as a reference.  It makes things a LOT easier.

Four Paws Five Directions teaches the enlightened Puggle owner the Chinese medicinal techniques for the health and healing of your dog.  As an introduction to traditional Chinese medicine for Puggles this book is the best you will find.  Not only is it interesting, but this stuff WORKS for my Puggle.

Natural Remedies to keep your Puggle health and happy.  If you know the secrets of Puggle health, you can save LOTS of money later on in your Puggle's life.  There are a few copies of this book left at 12 bucks, WAY off the list price.