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Some breeders have puggles that show a genetic defect which results in a condition known as "puppy strangle."

This condition affects the skin of a puggle, and if left untreated it will spread down the body and eventually "strangle" and kill your puggle!

Fortunately, this condition is very treatable with antibiotics. It appears as a kind of dermatitis on the puggle's head and may be swollen and raw.

Breeders who have puggles that are afflicted with this genetic and stress-induced condition should stop breeding at once. Do your research and try to find a reputable breeder, and hopefully one that has references and satisfied customers with whom you can check before buying a puggle.

If your puggle has "puppy strangle" or any other genetic disorder, don't panic. He or she is still capable of being a perfect puggle and in all likelihood will not show signs of his or her disorder once it has been identified and treated.

What's important is that you know all the signs and symptoms, so you can get your puggle treated as soon a problem arises!