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Puggles Riding in Cars

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? But it's actually a lot more dangerous than you might think.

If your Puggle rides around in the car without a safety restraint, they'd be in serious trouble even in a minor car accident. I recommend buying a safety harness for your Puggle to wear in the car. They're not that expensive and they'll save your Puggle's life in the event of a wreck.

My Puggle wears one and she loves it. It has a soft cotton interior, so it's more like a warm coat than a harness. It also keeps her from jumping out the window and running around, which she actually did on a couple occasions.

Don't wait for something to go wrong... Be proactive about protecting your Puggle!

Four Paws Small Safety Seat Vest Harness (Small; Black; For Pets 15 - 30 lbs.)


Puggles aren't like other dogs. Puggles are the hottest thing around! So you need to be extra careful when thinking about leaving your puggle in the front yard to play, or letting your puggle run around without a leash. Somebody might try to steal him or her!

As a Puggle owner, you can't guard against every possible circumstance in which your Puggle might get lost. But you can increase the chances your Puggle will be found and brought home to you again!

The first and most obvious suggestion is to keep your dog's tags on at all times, including your name, address, and telephone number. If you don't have something like this, put it at the top of your list of things to buy. You can get some really nice collars with tags that you and your Puggle will love.

Second, we here at AllAboutPuggles recommend buying a collar that is very bright: neon colors are best. My dog wears a neon orange collar, and as ridiculous as it may sound, it's something you get used to. The neon orange really suits her at this point, and you can see her from a mile away. This protects her from being hit by a car, as it is highly visible even at dusk, and it reflects a car's headlights at night.

And lastly, you may want to look into a microchip for your Puggle. The microchip allows your dog to be identified for life, and cannot be altered or removed. It is injected deep under the skin of your dog, is completely painless, and is so small that it can be inserted by hypodermic needle. My dog has a micropchip, and I highly recommend them, as your dog can be easily and definitively identified for LIFE. Tags can be removed by a thief, but you will always have a connection to your dog through a pet microchip.