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Puggles make fantastic pets and companions, whether you want a buddy to go with you on hikes or walks in the park, or a tracking dog to go hunting with you, or a guard dog to let you know if there are strangers lurking about, the puggle is a spectacular animal!

Here at All About Puggles, you'll find a wealth of resources dedicated to helping you make your decision about what kind of dog breed is right for you, why you should always try your utmost to adopt (even if this means not necessarily getting a puggle) and everything you ever wanted to know about living with a Puggle!

Puggles are an interesting breed because they have the classic face of a pug and the intelligence, keen senses and energy of a beagle.

Each dog is different, however, and whether or not a Puggle is the right match for your lifestyle and personality is a question we're here to help you figure out!

If you already own a Puggle, then you'll find the various links and resources available here to be of great assistance as you enjoy your life with a Puggle buddy!

Everybody loves puggles.  I was just out running with mine, and she gets so much attention, it's unbelievable!  Nobody can believe that I have a puggle.  "Aren't they hard to get?  I can't believe you have a puggle!"

Check out all the information and links available on this page to find out more!