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Q. What are Puggles?

A. Puggles are a breed of dog popular among American celebrities. See below:

Q. Why did you make a website about Puggles?

A. I just love Puggles and I love talking about them. I talk about Puggles constantly. I want to be able to provide information seekers with as much quality information about Puggles as possible, so that people can make an educated decision about buying (or hopefully Adopting) a Puggle as a pet.

Q. Does Tony Soprano really own a Puggle?

A. Yes, yes he does.

Q. Do you own a Puggle?

A. Yup. I own a female Puggle who you see pictured frequently on this website.

Q. Do you have Puggles for sale?

A. No, I do not breed or sell Puggles. However, if you look around the site you'll see lots of links to various breeders of Puggles. Make sure you buy from a reputable breeder, and not from a "puppy mill" that supplies evil pet shops.

Q. Should I buy a Puggle as a gift for my son/daughter/mother/father/sister/ brother?

A. No. You should never buy a pet as a gift. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a dog, and you need to treat it as a lifelong commitment rather than a gift for a special occasion.

Q. Will my Puggle get along with a cat?

A. My inclination is to say no.  But that's not the whole story.  For a complete answer to this Puggle question, see my Puggles and Cats page.