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Billy cart Blueprint

This is my Billycart blue print. This is a project for this quater, buiding a billycart. This Billy cart is going to be build very soon.


This is a techincal drawing I made at the math lesson. First to make it is to use a scale like 1cm in the technical drawing is 10cm in the real wrold.


This is how I started the billycart blueprint to the techincal drawing:

Step 1 :First I estimate our billycart if they fit and comfotable. we marked it on the floor.

Step 2 : Then Imesure the length and the width from the floor.

Step 3 :After that I made the scale for the technical drawing and started to draw the deign for the billycart that we will build.


So that is how I made my technical drawing for my billycart.