Sour Orange

The Sour Orange and it's use.

Citrus Aurantium

The first Spaniards to land in St. Augustine, planted the first sour orange seeds in Florida. By 1763 they had been adopted by most early settlers and local Indians. The most widely propagated variety grown in Florida is the Seville. The Seville can now be found growing wild from as far north as Jacksonville to Key West. Today, many sour varieties can be found growing wild from southern Georgia along the Gulf coast all the way to Argentina.

In Florida the Seville is used primarily as a rootstock for grafting budwood from sweet oranges. However the Seville has many uses including marmalade, and in the liqueurs Triple sec, Grand Marnier and Curaçao.


The Seville orange may also be used as a substitute for lemons in just about any recipe. They make great lemonade, lemon meringue pie, or as a baste for chicken. Cooking uses are unlimited. Another great reason to consider seville oranges over lemons is price, which are much cheaper than lemons.

Seville Orange: September - July

The Seville is a round lightly orange colored citrus. The peel is slightly pebbly, and the fruit is full of seeds which can be planted. Seville oranges are not quite as sour as lemons and have a slight orange flavor. Sweet ice tea is a southern tradition, and the Seville orange makes a great flavor enhancer. Seville oranges make a great gift for anyone who uses lemons, and/or likes to cook. The best time to ship Sevilles as a gift is November - May.

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