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BlogOwnerWhat's it about?
BlogOwnerWhat's it about?
Sweet & Tiny Mini Mo crafty journey through the japanese land of clay, sweets and kawaii things :) 
Free DECO Forum  First free forum about Deco culture & Japanese and kawaii interests 
Riechanster Riechan Welcome to my world, A world full of crafting, japan, anime/manga, deco, nails, singing, architecture and more... 
Hikaria Tiff Tiff learns you how to make the cutest sweets with very detailed tutorials 
 Annabelle I have been doing minatures since aug 2010. I'm also interested in anime , manga drawing,, VOCALOID, photoshopping, fps games ^^ & bjds! My blog is going to be about the crafts i do. Showcasing pictures and tutorials ^^ I hope to improve much more & hopefully sell some of my creations 
Blümchenn Erin Miniature food with polyclay, reviews, ... 
The Candy Sanctuary The Candy Sanctuary Sweets deco 
Depict This Bonita The purpose of Depict This! is to be interesting and inspiring. I aim to make a story out of every picture and a picture out of every story so that anyone who reads my blog can enjoy the random things that appear in my creative and crazy life.  
Saffron Sugar Saffron Sugar Blog from an Aspiring fashion designer and illustrator, currently enrolled in art school. I'm fond of all things pretty, and all things geeky 
Lovely Sweets Dina In light of my own troubles finding helpful deco resources in one place, I decided to start my own deco blog! In this blog, you'll find pictures of my own deco creations as well as helpful deco-related resources I find online. I hope that this blog will prove to be useful -- after all, being a deco newbie can get frustrating at times (especially when you need help with a project!). Happy deco-ing!~ 
Crafty Mitchel Tygermane I'm a single mom who works part time and crafts part time. I live with my daughter and 3 cats. I have an Etsy shop where I sell some of the things I craft. It's still a work in progress. But please take a look! 
Deco_den Community Angel A community sharing links about deco 
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