Joseph Jagger 1830-1892

JOSEPH JAGGER  1830-1892 
Photo Phil Robinson 1995.  Caino Monte Carlo
 In 1873 a British  mill Engineer Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
Joseph Jagger worked as an engineer at Bottomley's Mill in Shelf Yorkshire. In the 1870's.
   His inquisitive  nuts and bolts mind  led him to a study of the roulette wheel and ask questions, like some of us look at the lottery today.
Is there a system, do the balls have a   pattern, is it truly random, were some     numbers likely to come up more than others ?
With these questions on his mind  he hired six clerks to go over to the casino. For the 12 hours  a day it was open.And record the numbers and any info that might be of use.
He spent days poring over the numbers looking for a pattern.
He then went to the casino confident that he had found it.
The casino had 6 wheels. His system didn't work on 5, but amazingly one actually worked and he kept winning.!
and on the first day he netted $70.000. In four days he had won $300.000.
 You can tell an American roulette wheel by the 00. The French wheel would be missing this number.
The casino were on to him and in the night  changed the wheels round!
He lost heavily that day. He realised that they had switched the wheals. luckily  for him he had remembered a certain little scratch on his winning wheel.
and soon found it again. He went on to win $450.000 a massive win in 1873.
 Joseph Jagger
The casino fought back and each night after closing the altered the frets. Jagger then went on a two-day losing streak. He finally bowed to  the  inevitable.
He walked away from the table never to return.  He took home with him  $325.000
(around £3,250,000 in 2005)
 On his return to England, Joseph gave up his job at the mill and invested his money in the property at Little Horton, Bradford.
He is buried at Bethel Chapel Shelf.
Bethel Chapel. photo
 Phil Robinson 2009
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In 1995, I went to Monaco and visited the Casino here are some of the pictures i took.
 I didn't win any money £££ I didn't get past the door! Because i was wearing shorts.
Monaco streets. Phil Robinson 1995
Monaco Phil Robinson 1995
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The song about him was written the year he died.
 Charles Coborn, The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo, 1933 film "Say it with flowers"
the song clicks on link above.
There is a school of thought that the saying ‘The Full Monty’
originated from the event of Jagger stripping the
Casino at Monte Carlo of its funds.
Joseph Jaggers Grave
photo Phil Robinson 2009
 Joseph died in 1892 aged 61.
When he died, he left £200 for the upkeep of his grave.
He is buried at Bethel Church, Shelf. above.
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 Joseph Jagger was the first person who broke the Casino Roulette at Monte Carlo