Sahaja: The Great Blessing

Sahaja Yoga is a great blessing for my life.  Seeking for me was like breathing before I came to Sahaja Yoga.  The material world to me looked so limited and boring with all the answers hidden.  Due to Sahaja Yoga only my Kundalini was awaken and I could experience the true meditation during which my Spirit is uniting with the Divine Power of Love.  Since I came to Sahaja Yoga I  pray and I have my prayers answered.  I ask question and the reply comes back to my heart like a cool wave of breeze that brings me knowledge and love.  

I feel now in the Universe like at home with Divine Power protecting me and taking care of me every moment. Verily due to Sahaja Yoga only we can enter the Kingdom of God in this very life.  Blessings of Divine are unlimited both in spiritual and in material arenas.  Just to mention that after joining  Sahaja Yoga I was able to learn English which was the most difficult subject for me all my life, but due to Sahaja Yoga  I was able not only to communicate but also to write poetry in English.  Before Sahaja Yoga to learn something for my profession I used to memorize books after books. Now I read a book and remember everything automatically.  

And sometimes I don't read, I just comes to me.  Also before Sahaja Yoga I used to suffer from severe allergies.  Then I went to India just for 10 days to take treatments at Vashi Sahaja Yoga Hospital - or its other name is Sahaja Yoga Health and Research center in Mumbai (Bombay), and I completely got rid of all the allergies as a result of effective Sahaja Yoga treatments that are being administered at the hospital.  At the Sahaja Yoga Hospital hospital the doctors only work with vibrations and with natural elements, using the techniques suggested by the founder of Sahaja Yoga Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

I dedicated this page to tell the story how I came to Sahaja Yoga, or how Divine guided me towards Sahaja Yoga.  Please see here.