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Before School Care K-5

7:00 AM to about 8:30 AM 

Students participate in free play, enrichment activities, games, and homework help.  We serve students breakfast from 7:30-8:00 and students are bused to respective schools at 8:30.

Before School Care will be at Elm Hill for K-2 and Union Street for 3-5 until further notice.

After School Care K-5 

3:30 PM-5:00 PM 

 After arrival, students wash hands and are served a hot supper.  After supper students participate in social play, clubs, enrichment activities, games, and/or homework help.


AFTERSCHOOL BUS!  New this year we will have an afterschool bus!  It will leave SHS at 4:20, come to RMS for pick up at 4:30 and then take these students to stops around town.

Then it will come back to pick up that All-4-One students at 5:15 and take to stops around town.

Bus stops will be posted once we know of addresses of various students that will be accessing the late bus

Remote Days for Students K-5

On days students are NOT in school for hybrid learning students can have a choice to come to full days at All-4-One.

Students will be at Riverside Middle School and split between two "camp" type programs.  Elm Hill students will be together and Union Street students will be together. 

Elm HIll will use the greenhouse and garden area out back at RMS, favereau field and playground area daily.  For inclement weather and ONLY for weather that is severe we will use the Yellow and Blue rooms at All-4-One.  We will be OUTSIDE daily so please dress accordingly.

Union Street students will use the fields at RMS, basketball and tennis courts and football fields daily.  FOr inclement weather and ONLY for weather that is severe we will use the boys and girls locker rooms and the team room located by Dressel Gym.  We will be OUTSIDE daily so please dress accordingly.

Students will have access to fun, enrichment programs, guided hikes, biking, sports, arts and community building experiences.

Program hours:  7:00 am drop off - 5:00 pm pick up daily.

Breakfast, lunch and snack provided daily.



Visit the SPACE at 139 Main Street

Open Daily 12:00pm - 8:00 pm!